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What to Bring (so far)

Unless I add any additional posts on what to bring, this is what you should be bringing and why.

-Sunglasses (do I have to explain why? You will be in sunny Florida, and outside often).

Optional: A hat to cover your head and shield your eyes if you are outside for games or doing tasks. If you are bald, you will especially enjoy having a hat to throw on for some activities.

-Soap. A bar of soap and a little box to keep it in with a drain hole is great. Otherwise a small body wash.

-All needed medications, contact lens solution, etc

Optional: A charging block for your phone, to ensure it's charged anywhere you decide to keep it. Yes you can plug it in anywhere. You may forget in all of the chaos.

-A small bag to keep your OOI stuff in, separate from your suitcase, if you have a suitcase full of things for a longer stay in Florida. Having a small easy bag to go to is easier than digging through a suitcase for needed things.

Optional: Kinky items you may own, like a chastity device you KNOW fits you well, sissy clothes, or other kinky attire, toys or items that you feel you want to bring. We have dressed sissies up of course, we also have had CDs, many into forced femme.

We have also had rubber and leather gimps, ponies, and so many more types of genres of kink there. While you will usually

be a naked slave and all the same, at times your Mistress who purchases you at auction will likely wish to explore more. Do not bring chastity devices that you have no idea if this works/fits you. Always best to try it out before.

Optional:-Your own preferred type of sunblock and bug spray. Otherwise use the stuff I have there. You may have other types you like in particular.

-Comfortable, broken-in shoes to run around in for field games. Dirty? beat-up? Old gym shoes? Perfect.

-Comfortable orthopedic flip flops or slides. I mean COMFORTABLE and orthopedic. Get a pair with alllllll of the support. You will be going in and out of the house like crazy and on the patio. You will HATE being barefoot because you are on your feet so often. You will start really feeling it, if you are barefoot that whole time. Please wear comfortable shoes that are quick and easy for you to slide on and off. The best kind to buy are the waterproof kind. You will LOVE that I told you to buy them. A good brand are Crocks, and they make non-ugly ones! They make kinds that look like normal flip flops and slides. Wear them for a few weeks at home to break them in if you want.

-Tips for Mistresses who buy you at auction and are in charge of you each day. While this is optional, it's very kind to tip the Mistress who spends time with you. You can also give tips to anyone you want. You might feel another Mistress went out of her way to help you have a great time despite her not owning you all weekend, it's your choice. Please do not leave them around the house. If you are rushing to the airport later and cannot find her to say goodbye, I will get them to the right people. I have envelopes for this.

-A bottle of wine is nice but not necessary. Slave 026 I believe has our wine needs covered. But if you have a bottle of something sitting at home collecting dust, we won't reject it! We will save it for evenings after play, maybe a smidge at dinner, and when the event is over.

-You can bring weed, if it helps you sleep, calms anxiety, etc. No hard drugs are allowed, no psychedelics. We are ok with pot smokers who use it to help with different ailments. Please don't get super-stoned and walk around the event that way. We will make you nap and you will miss the fun.

-No slaves are allowed to drink during OOI. A slave may indulge if we allow it, a little bit, during femdom week, at appropriate times. There is no getting drunk here. It is not that kind of environment for everyone's safety and well-being.

-Tooth brush, toothpaste, etc.

-You can bring additional items not on this list.

In the past, I have made slaves bring black pants (sweat pants) and a long sleeve black shirt. We likely don't need that this year, I will let you know if you do.


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