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Some additional Items to Bring

Hello slaves,

The time is almost here. I have been at the estate cleaning and setting up for days now. The work I have to do is enormous but so worth it. I will continue to mostly be here until event time.

A few additional things to bring.

Bring a towel or 2 that is just yours. I suggest bringing a funky color towel that is unique so you don't accidentally mix your towel up with another person's towel. Pool towels come in fun designs, so that's probably a good idea. Otherwise just bring one from home and keep it with your things.

It looks like a cold front is coming in the event weekend. Unless it shifts and changes, we are in for some chilly weather for your trip. This hasn't happened since OOI Jan 2016. I suggest bringing a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt with you that is all black or mostly black. I have some from previous events but only have enough for maybe 7 slaves. So I am willing to give some out if you can't grab this in time, but don't have enough for everyone. Otherwise you will be fine.

I will be posting jobs in here and the event address and tips for getting to the house. I will not post anything past Monday at midnight. Please check posts Sun and Mon.

See you soon!


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