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Hello slaves, Regardless if you are attending OOI, Femdom week, or both, here are your jobs

(This will be finished by Monday night)

OOI-002 -------------------------Dishes after Dinner during femdom week

OOI-026 -------------------------Dishes after lunch

OOI-032 -------------------------Dishes after breakfast every day

OOI-056 -------------------------kitchen help with meal prep for dinner

OOI-057 -------------------------Floor sweeping or vac in the house (2x/day)

OOI-061 -------------------------Tasks/labor/cleaning

OOI-066 -------------------------latex cleaning Sunday night, tasks and cleaning

OOI-060 -------------------------cleaning, tasks

OOI-063 -------------------------Collect dirty Mistress towels and run the washing machine for them.

Then dry them. Return them to the hallway closets

OOI-071 -------------------------Labor/tasks

OOI-072 -----------------------Floor sweeping 2x/day in the house

OOI-073 ----------------------- Being a puddle. JK. Dungeon floor sweeping Sat evening and Sun morning.

OOI-074 -----------------------Making Mistress beds (ask them for permission first)

OOI-075 ----------------------Breakfast help/prep

OOI-076 ----------------------Lunch help/prep on Saturday

OOI-077 ----------------------kitchen help with meal prep for dinners

OOI-078 ---------------------- Latex cleaning Saturday


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