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We at the Order Of Indomitus wanted to introduce you to our PERSONAL SLAVERY EXPERIENCES.

For those who are unaware, we frequently do personal slavery experiences at the Estate. This means that you can book an Indomitus-style experience for just yourself and serve one Mistress, or as many Mistresses as you think you can handle. While you are there, you will be trained and treated just like an Indomitus slave, and expected to serve and be challenged within your limitations and abilities. You can, and likely will experience the thrill of pulling a Mistress on a pony cart, being used for Mistress games, and other altered activities from the event, that are fit for an individual experience (based on your physical abilities). 

Slaves who book the full experience (arriving at 4pm on one day and leaving 2 days later by noon) will be initiated and given a slavery tag and number through a personal fire ritual. This is not without you truly earning it, slave. You WILL earn it and be challenged to earn it, just like the Indomitus slaves have to earn it at the regular events. 

Personal Experiences start at 24 hours but can be up to 5 days long. It all depends on how long you are available to serve and how much you wish to experience. 

Servitude is typically booked with Mistress Michelle Lacy, the creator of the Order of Indomitus. You will be serving her and learning from her under her expertise. The other Mistresses who may be honored with being served in place of her, would be Princess Isobel Devi, or other former Priestesses. You can choose which Mistress to serve for your time, or you can choose to serve 2 or 3 of those Priestesses of Indomitus together.

The rates for Mistress Michelle Lacy may not be the same for other Mistresses. Mistresses should ALWAYS be contacted personally to inquire about their rate. For example, someone like Princess Isobel Devi will be traveling from out of state and they may have a higher rate than Mistress Michelle's for the experience due to travel time and costs for inquiries


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