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A slave recently asked what his slavery number is all about. Slavery numbers are tied to slaves as a way of stripping away their outside former identity and further instilling the idea that a slave is not just a submissive man, but he is a body to mold and train to do our bidding. A slave number helps a slave get into the mindset of being a totally owned piece of property and accepting his role. Names have too much meaning and personal attachment. Slave numbers have been used for centuries and the tradition carries into the BDSM world.

You were assigned a slave number on your acceptance letter. Failure to deposit by the due date will cause you to lose your slave number and you will not be attending. Your slave number is FOREVER and should you return to serve us, you will be the exact same number. This is a very historic event. It will be amazing to look back on a BDSM forum and say "Remember the Order of Indomitus? I was 003!" SO an extra special congratulations for being in the first run of servants!

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