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Interested Mistresses

Are you a Mistress who is interested in joining in on our events? There are two different types of roles for a Mistress to have at our events. 

The first type is a hired professional Mistress. I seek out women who are extremely professional, knowledgable, safe and sane to be a part of these events. Also just as important, they must be real dominant women who have an enormous desire to be fully immersed in this incredible female dominated world. Why do I hire? An event like this is extremely complex and I am only one person. I am responsible for the safety of all of the guests attending. I need women I can rely on to be my eyes and ears, monitoring their surroundings just in case there were to ever be a problem. I hire them because it ensures me that the slaves are in safe and sane hands vs women I do not know who have no experience. It is because of this, that all events have been and will continue to be wonderful, top-notch, mind-blowing experiences for everyone involved. Every Mistress there has a responsibility to be alert and have my back and they do so with such extreme pride. I do not compensate an enormous amount of money. I compensate for what some Mistresses may lose in a few sessions back home. If the compensation was very high, it would attract people who were just here for financial gain and did not truly have any love for it. We have already been contacted by and we turned down so many women who asked how much they would be paid immediately and money being their main concern. This is not what this event is about. 

The women chosen to be here are here to have the time of their lives. They could easily make 3x the salary on tour and almost all of the women who choose to attend could easily be on tour instead of attending here.  The compensation is appreciated since we do not get vacation/sick pay in our careers and taking off to attend an event like this for 4 days would be tough on many professional Mistresses. They are beyond grateful to be given this, and here at Indomitus in general, and in turn they are at my side and going above and beyond.These women are not sleeping in their rooms all day. They are not glued to their phones. They are grinning, wide-eyed and out in the field cracking a whip, filled with the most wonderful energy, so proud of everything we are all doing together, proud to be given this opportunity to be here and have a blast. For a few days instead of being in their dungeons back home, they are living in a sardax drawing. They are a part of something female-run, female supported and very legendary. We have been honored to have women asking to come back again and again. Mistress Jean Bardot could have spent her time anywhere else in the world but she wanted to attend Indomitus 3 times as well as our sister event, Eden. Ms. Lydia Supremacy could have gone on tour but instead she has been to every single one of our events. 

These women are why men return again and again and sing our praises. These women use their professional experience alongside their true dominant personas to blow the minds of the attending males whether that is through their bondage skills, seduction, or simply getting inside their heads and helping them have a better understanding of who they are as a submissive. We have been able to help two slaves overcome traumatic life experiences at Indomitus and they are both doing so well. 

Think of these women as being proud Guardesses at their posts.

Naturally, many women want this position. Many women out there fit this description. They would be living out their dream and proudly assisting with and ensuring the safety of everyone by using their skills as a professional dominatrix to do so. 

The problem is that we have a waiting list and only 4 or so spots open up each event for this position. We have a waiting list several dozen approved (proven to be safe, sane, professional, actually into femdom in their lifestyle) on this list so it could be a while. We might close Indomitus before you have a shot at being asked when it's your turn. So if you are dying to go as a life-bucket list event, you may wish to just come as a guest Mistress. We already have women picked out for next year, and the next. We sometimes do not announce people because we are giving them a chance to see if they can sort out something in order to attend and if they cannot, we skip and move on, asking another. Guest Mistresses do in fact, still get a lot of perks.

Guest Mistresses. If you are a guest Mistress, you are here for a "choose your own adventure" type of experience. If you are a very experienced Mistress, you can participate fully, as fully as the women spoken about above. You can kick ass with the rest of us as much as you like. Some women have such a good time as a hired Mistress, that they return as guest Mistresses because they don't want to miss this by waiting to be re-hired. 

If you have less experience, we will limit your interaction with our male slaves when it comes to BDSM but you can still enjoy them under our guidance. Any guest Mistress can truly come and go as she pleases. You can skip games, nap through lunch. It doesn't matter as long as you are following our house rules. You cannot purchase a slave at the auction unless you are very experienced but you can assist other women in the using and tormenting of males. 

This is great for women who wish to just observe and learn under our guidance. This is also a great experience for professional Mistresses who wish to attend and have a lot of experience but don't need to/care about being hired, and just want to go.

We have space in the house for 9 women (everyone is sharing a room). If we do not have space, you can stay at the closest local hotel and commute back and forth each day. You will be fed, and if we have space you can have a bed, all for free. We however cannot pay for your hotel and transport if we have no space for you. It's a first-come, first-serve opportunity. If you wish to be on the website for promotional purposes and excitement of you being here, we can do this. Or you can choose to be a mystery guest and have us write as little or as much as we wish about you. We can have up to 60 Guest Mistresses at the event but not staying with us. Not only can guest Mistresses who are professionals have their websites, pic and bio listed on our site (forever), but they can also receive tips, gifts from thankful slaves who attend and commission for referring attending males who sign up due to their efforts. So it isn't such a bad thing to be a guest Mistress at all. 

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings about attending our events. We do mention this in the FAQ but realize now that many women most likely assumed the FAQ was more so for information for the attending slaves. If you do wish to attend as a guest or be put on the waiting list, do contact me (Michelle Lacy)


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