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Indomitus Presents: THE HUNT

            March 2020 

The Hunt is an event that takes place in April.

It is a more intense version of our November event THE ORDER OF INDOMITUS. 

The Hunt can only be attended by slaves who are already accepted into the Order Of Indomitus, or those who we give special permission based on their stellar references and application which show us that they are fit for such an event.


The Hunt is a weekend-long prison-camp style femdom event that prepares for one end game which is called "THE HUNT." The women who attend are Guardesses in matching attire who guard the servants all weekend long. Each Guardess has a specific job to do during the weekend. Slaves are constantly kept in chains and irons, partake in group exercise and are put through an environment that is most often, strict and militant. Many slaves are bound up, or put in periods of bound (and always safe) isolation. Some slaves are put to work with a commanding Guardess cracking a whip. Your fate during the weekend, all depends on your application and how we can use and torment you. 

Slaves here will earn their slave number if they do not have one already, and the ones that already have one and are our servants from the Order Of Indomitus will get an additional tag with their number on it that is different from their current tag, and a memory of "The Hunt" to wear with their Indomitus tag.

Slaves are serving the Mistresses at meals and will have some 1 on 1 time, similar to Order Of Indomitus. Some things are common. 

At the end of the event, we have "The Hunt" which is a long a challenging game which consists of several parts and local Mistresses are invited to watch and cheer in the audience. 

The Hunt will only feature Mistresses who are strict and authoritative, but also extremely safe and professional. 

If you have attended an Order Of Indomitus event before, you will do just fine here, but do expect a more intense environment that is more challenging. 

We do work with all types of health issues and disabilities. Some people enjoy a very strict and militant atmosphere but simply cannot run or kneel or have other issues. This is ok. We want people to be able to submit to us within the best of their abilities and will work with those abilities and disabilities. You will do the best that you can, and if you have to be chained up and watching some of the action, that is ok too. 

A common misconception about a strict atmosphere is that people assume everyone attending will be beaten. We have this same misconception with The Order Of Indomitus Event. This isn't true. We only punish people within their limits. The only difference is that we won't hesitate to punish you if need be, as we expect you to be as perfect as you can and will train you to be so. 


(This is not a photo from THE HUNT, but one from our Order Of Indomitus event. We took a few HUNT-STYE photos at our last Indomitus event and tormented the slaves a bit). 

The Hunt will cost the same as Indomitus, and follow the same deposit instructions and so on. 

You cannot apply for THE HUNT yet, but you can ask questions about it if you have any.

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