Priestesses and Guests

NOVEMBER 8th to 10th, 2019

New York/South Florida

Mistress Michelle Lacy is the creator and head Priestess for the Order of Indomitus. She has been a dominatrix for over a decade, starting in NY before moving to South Florida. Michelle has two personal dungeon locations, one in NY and a larger one in South Florida. She frequently travels, mostly throughout the NorthEast. An honored and well-respected Mistress, Michelle has taught classes on such topics as slavery, professional domination, bondage, fetishes, impact play safety, and has presented at DomCon where she was a guest of honor and at FetishCon (Fetcon). Michelle also volunteers time counseling other Pros Dommes as well as submissives in private via email, and is widely recognized for giving back to the fetish community in multiple forms.

Michelle first began as a disciplinarian, taking pleasure in behavior modification and impact play. That soon evolved further into enjoying slave training, bondage, and more extreme scenarios and situations. Her dungeon is equipped with almost everything a kinky person would enjoy, even leather and rubber pieces and her expansive wardrobe will delight any fetishist. 

Michelle is best known today for the creativity, passion and excitement she puts forth in her intricate bondage scenes, corporal play and most everything she does, which some of her more exhibitionist submissives beg her with glee to showcase on her very popular twitter account: MsMichelleLacy. Her passion for BDSM radiates through everything she does, which has made her the successful Mistress she is today, with many returning regular and loyal subs. You can find Michelle Lacy frequently traveling, mostly to her beloved NYC and Long Island and other info about her here:    

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Washington DC

Lydia Supremacy has taken the east coast of the United States by storm, thanks to her coastal tours. She ensnares and enslaves every man she meets and has many admirers and devoted servants in every place she travels to. She is definitely not a Mistress who settles for just any slave, and takes her slave training and personal slave collaring very seriously. Lydia is not afraid of extreme play and has often enjoyed being a serious cuckoldress. She is an expert slut trainer and expert in sissification, and public displays of slavery and humiliation. She goes out of her way to make each experience very memorable and fun for her and her submissive. She creates wild and unique, never before done events for sissy slaves (stay tuned for her Alice In Wonderland sissy event).  She can be quite strict when needed, but has a fantastic sense of humor. Lydia loves working out, is a vegan and a fan of the raw vegan diet. She also loves latex clothing. Lydia has appeared in many Femdom videos and will be launching her own soon. She loves to travel and might be headed to your city. 


Keep up with Lydia on her website and blog, found here

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Denver, CO

"I am a very kinky girl, and I like to have things my way. I know you cannot take your eyes off my beautiful face and body, and have no intentions of holding back on having all of the wicked fun I can have with you. I enjoy a true submissive, one who is strongly driven by their thirst to satisfy me in any way they can. If you are not so submissive but would like to embark on a kinky journey with me nonetheless, I would still be happy to consider your polite wishes! Please remember that I am a Princess and you must treat me as such if you wish to have my reciprocal respect." 


Isobel : twitter:


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The foot queen of South Florida, Goddess Brianna herself of Club Dom royalty will be joining us this weekend for our event. You are all very lucky, as Goddess Brianna is a true dominant woman who no doubt will have men trembling under her control. 

"I enjoy a variety of FemDom activity, from sensual teasing to breaking men to the point of tears. The power exchange between a woman and a man is very intriguing to me. Personal chemistry combined interests and limitations is the foundation for our session. I believe in spontaneous interaction." -Goddess Brianna

You can learn more about Goddess Brianna at her website here:

PRIESTESS INDOMITA (Jan 2016, Nov 2019)

Central CT

Lady Elizabeth is a lifestyle and professional dominant located in central Connecticut.  She has over a decade of ProDomme experience, specializing in corporal punishment scenes, medical scenarios, electrical play, bondage, and slave training.  She enjoys teaching the basics to novice submissives as well as honing the skill sets of experienced slaves.  She's deeply involved in BDSM as a lifestyle, a profession, and a topic for academic research.  She holds a PhD in a social science field, granted by an Ivy League University, and consults with couples having communication difficulties.  When she's not in the dungeon, Lady Elizabeth can be found traveling to fetish events, including organizing kinky activities as a DommeTrips Global Goddess.  She is also equally comfortable on a ski slope or a dance floor.


Cologne, Germany

"My activity is about the enjoyment of personal passions, about doing what is fun and what i takepleasure in. It does not compare to a relatively boring, ordinary job, which I previously pursued.In cooperation with the guest, everything starts with finding a mutual base. In an honest andconfident conversation, I get to know everything about his wishes and biases. My task is to get as much as possible out of him, maybe to reveal even more and cause escalations. All that is far from ordinary – that really is strange to me.I absolutely respect the taboos of my visitor, but I slowly approach them. The goal is that my guestleaves me with a feeling of inspiration, internally pleased with whole new insights about what was hidden inside of him, as well as the wish to soon come back to me. It is all about a development of my pupil – no way there will be reeled off only one program, SM can and should be lived with me as a sensual and demanding variety." -Lady Electra from her website interview. For more information on Lady Electra,


Los Angeles, CA

"I am an independent professional practicitioner of BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism) within the Female Supremacist realms. As a Pro-Domme based in Los Angeles, I pride Myself on composing scenes that delve into one’s psyche, transforming fantasy into reality. These scenes are as expansive in subject as the wide world of BDSM, ranging from exploring D/S (domination/submission), sadomasochism, roleplays, bondage scenarios, unique fetishes, and everything in between and beyond. The world of desire runs deep. And in My world, nearly all of these scenes explore an element of power exchange, that of which I am the top, and the corresponding partner is the bottom. In short: I control, and you submit." - From her website. 

Mistress An Li has a top selling clip store, and is currently most famous for her intensely sexy bondage videos. She does go on tour across the United States and beyond. She is very intelligent and creative for her young age and a highly in-demand Dominatrix. 

-Photo credit: English Mansion 

Her site: 


Philadelphia, PA

 Mistress Isadora is a deviant  platinum blonde domme.  An alluring purveyor of bespoke BDSM and fetish experiences for those with discerning taste.  She is a kink virtuoso with 9 years professional experience and a lifetime of breaking the male ego.

​I session out of a multi room, discreet dungeon located in Center City Philadelphia. Close to public transportation as well as an easy walk or cab ride from most hotels in Center City. The space has 2 dungeon rooms, spanking room, cross dresser closet and domestic area. An array of  implements and an abundance of toys  at my disposal to do whatever my depraved heart desires. Furniture includes St. Andrew's Cross, bondage bed with cage beneath, CBT chair, spanking bench, and bondage beam. It is the premier space for fetish and BDSM in Philadelphia.

    Like a siren,  I lure  men into my realm using my exquisite beauty , superior intellect, and devious mind. As a Scorpio, eroticism is in my nature. You will surrender yourself to my depraved desires. You will continuously beg me to push you to your limits for my sadistic pleasure. I become an addiction you can’t quit.  Your need for me will pulse through your veins." -From her website


Northwestern Indiana

"I am a normal person with a normal life; I have family, ambition, and goals. I'm well spoken, college educated, and conduct Myself in a professional manner. In scene I can be relaxed and jovial, strict and motherly, sadistic and cruel. I welcome newbies, providing a fun and smooth transition from vanilla to kink for the curious yet timid. I offer incalls at My dungeon in Northwest Indiana or outcalls to your location. I travel to Chicago, South Bend, West Lafayette, and occasionally to Indianapolis & Detroit..

I consider myself a modern day courtesan, an educated and independent woman fulfilling the role you need whether it be someone to talk to, a person to push you and hold you accountable, or a sadistic female supremacist who uses you as she pleases. I provide a safe place for you to explore your submissiveness and sexuality in whatever form that is. Sessions are a journey we take together--you help Me determine the road we take. My goal is to leave you better than I found you.

My primary interest is in causing you elicit those fun noises you make at your most vulnerable. I do respect all limits, but I will push them. I play with submissives who are not masochists and masochists who are not submissives. I also play with those who are solely fetishists. Would you like to pamper My sexy high-arched size 8.5 feet? Or perhaps brush My long, soft, colorful hair? Maybe you would like the privilege of shining My boots? All are welcome to come worship Me in whatever form it takes." -From her website

PRIESTESS INDOMITA (Nov 2017/2018, 2019)


" Having been involved in the scene for almost 20 years, I have had the opportunity to fulfill and continue to develop my fantasies....which are ever evolving. If I were to try to list them, it would be a mute point as they, like me, are fluid and varied. Today I may list forced bi as my favourite. A month from now it could remain the same or have changed completely. My interests are broad but what has been consistent is my love of shoes, boots and anything with a high heel. I feel intense power when I am wearing the right shoe...and everyone knows it from my confident walk. I would describe myself as a cerebral, sensual and sexual Mistress. I am classy not sluty but make no mistake, if I am playing, I am in charge and turned on. I dominate because I like it. I flog, cane and make my sub wear chastity because I like it. I let you worship my heels because I like it. I care that my submissive likes to please me. I like to push limits but only if it is my pleasure. I do not sub/bottom or in any way relinquish my role as a Mistress for anyone. I travel as much as I can for fetish events. 


London, England

"I will be your beginning to which there is no end. Serving me will be all that you work for, live for, breath for. You will take the position you belong in, naked on all fours at My Delectable feet. As a superior female, I deserve to be worshipped and adored. I particularly enjoy foot worship, and if you share this mutual interest, it will be minutes before you tell me that MY feet are your new fetish.Manipulation by seduction is one of my favorite past times, combining eroticism with domination. As an avid CFNM advocate, I love to see a naked man bow at My beautifully heeled feet, ready to be used as My obedient, submissive play toy. Using you to explore the kink interests that are of mutual enjoyment. For Me, having a male on his knees at My feet is empowering. It really brings home My complete enjoyment of female supremacy. That power exchange in going against the grain of the last so many thousands of years worth of misled society perception that male are the superior race, pre-feminism. We are in the age of the unstoppable rise of the females, claiming our rightful place as the superior race."  From Lady Tess's website.



From her website: " I Love Latex! And I love working from my dungeon in Minneapolis. Or from your studio in Los Angeles. Or on your stage in London. Or wherever fulfillment takes us.In one life, I'm a wildly ambitious, highly optimistic, talented fetish artist who lives to create attractive fetish print, Web and film projects that serve their intended purpose. I'm inspired by the uniqueness of individual projects and have a genuine talent for capturing their essence.In another life, I am an evil and sadistic Dominatrix who fulfills all sorts of kinky dreams, with specialties in the areas of latex, bondage, S&M, breathplay and crossdressing, just to name a few. See my Sessions page for further details.I've been a fan of fetish and kink since I was very young. It was a passion I learned beginning in college. I never lost that passion; I found the best way to apply it is as Jean Bardot.I have training and many years of experience in different areas which all apply to my identities as Mistress, Model, Actress, Dominatrix. My goal is to be the link to your fetish needs and dreams. Having you choose me to assist you with your project, performance, special event, dream, and/or fantasy means a lot to me. Having you choose me repeatedly means even more. It's my honor to help you reach your craziest and most exciting fetish-based goals."


Atlanta, GA

"I enjoy using pain as an element of surprise mixed with pleasure. I offer role playing and Kink experiences  beyond Torture;  such as Fluffy Flogging , Scratching, Tickling, Tease,Role Play. Foot Worship and other possibly innocent non sexual requests. I have a very outgoing and humoring personality, or I can  switch to a Bitch, matching your needs.
The curiosity of first Timers have Opened up many minds, as I individually guide Each Individual or Couple, through a new experience. So, from Mild to Wild, Feather to Cane; I offer Either Extremity of most scenarios including medical in a comfortable safe and Sane environment.

          I am A Globally Respected Educator in the industry . I Conduct Seminars,classroom environment Panels, Lectures,  Hands on and even Skype Sessions to those who Require. I Privately Counsel  to Couples in many formats, giving Experiences and building relationship Goals to Levels Unknown By Most."


South Florida

Madam A will be joining us for Friday's festivities as an honored guest. She is extremely active in the Palm Beach County community and supports as many local events as possible. "I consider myself to have a dominant personality with a sadistic streak."  

Madam A is a former Professional Mistress, and these days enjoys being involved in the incredible local Femdom community in South Florida where she is a fantastic member of many groups and communities. She is a highly respected member of our local scene. 

You can learn more about Madam A at her fetlife page:



Paris is an up-and-coming adult actress who always had a natural tendancy towards being a dominant woman. She began filming for in 2016 where she met Michelle Lacy and was asking lots of questions about being a Mistress. She wanted to learn more about the ways of the dominant female so she could explore her naturally occuring dominant streak so Michelle invited her to come to Indomitus where she can witness and participate how the above experiened professionals handle train and torment submissive men and turn them into slaves. 


Paris is as fun as she is gorgeous with a fantastic personality. She is a self-proclaimed exhibitionist which is what drove her into doing adult work, so she could express herself and find an outlet for her wild side. You can find her starring in adult movies and she just loves doing cam with her new fans. 



She will be attending and learning from the best. 


Delray Beach, FL

Goddess Sombra is a lifestyle and professional Mistress in South Florida. While new to the Pro Domme scene, Sombra has been in the lifestyle for many years and takes her BDSM craft very seriously, always attending classes, conventions, and learning as much as she can to keep her skills sharp! This Goddess is a suspension rope expert and you can find her dangling submissives mid-air or tying them into various vulnerable positions at the Delray Beach dungeon of Mistress Michelle Lacy which she shares. She enjoys a wide variety of activities including impact play, humiliation, slave training and much more. Submit to this 27 year old Goddess who is wise beyond her years this November!

Superior side_edited.jpg
PRIESTESS INDOMITA (Nov 2016, Jan 2017)

Atlanta, GA

The SERIOUS Mistress of Atlanta ~ Dominatrix FemDom Goddess Cheyenne 

~Sophisticated, Elegant, Strong, Intellectual and Self Actualized Practicing the Elite Art of Classic Female Domination

My beautiful fully equipped 3000 sq ft play space with a private courtyard in the heart of Metro Atlanta is mesmerizing with all the glamour and decadence of a bygone era. The custom built dungeon furniture is of the finest quality only featured in the best dungeons of the world.

My fetish menagerie is a testimony for My love and dedication to the BDSM Lifestyle and FemDom being FEMALE OWNED and OPERATED by Me and Me alone. My wardrobe is of the finest fetish garments including everything from items crafted from leather and latex, to couture, with complementing boots, shoes and hosiery. My physique is that of a fitness model.  

I have appeared in over 20 magazines ranging from the Kinky Lifestyle magazine "Enslaved Sissies & Maids" to Brazillian Playboy and on the cover of Muscle Elegance.

My discriminating taste and high standards are apparent in every aspect of My realm including the power exchange. 

The relationships I cultivate with slaves are long lasting and meaningful, delving into levels of deep submission, exploration and revelation of body, mind and spirit. 

I have been a professional Dominatrix since 1999. My interest and participation in the lifestyle spans back many years before I made it My career.

 I am well established and respected in the BDSM community. I am one of the few Dominatrices that can prove Her longevity in the lifestyle. My participation in the Lifestyle Group People Exchanging Power dates back to 1999 . My website dates back to 2002.

I have accepted the invitation as  ~Guest of Honor~ Multiple times at the largest Domination convention of its kind in the world. I participate in the educational outreach program of the NCSF, speaking at Georgia State University on the topic of human sexuality and BDSM.


Phoenix, AZ

A world-class Pro-Domina with 10+ years professional experience, and an international video fetish star. A 24/7 lifestyle Mistress, who loves to play both with the experienced and with beginners curious about exploring their submissive side. "I gear your session to your experience level and fetish or fantasy, and can play hard... or sensual. I love to enslave and make men and women into my personal, little slave puppets. I'm bubbly, sweet, petite, curvy, sexy... but make no mistake about it, I have a dark, twisted, kinky side. I'm that beautiful, young woman who lives next door who you fantasize about. And when I catch you staring at me, you see that look in my eyes... I know what you're thinking about. I'm going to make you do very dirty things to please me. And you will. Just to see me smile, hear my laugh and, briefly, gain my approval. I am your dark, hedonistic Salome come to life."

Goddess Tangent is a respected international Mistress who is a frequent traveler to LA, NY, FL, and many more locations. 

She has a beautiful website:


Cincinnati, OH

Mistress Devlynn Desade is a gorgeous, well educated, and well respected dominant female from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has her own spacious, well-equipped, and private dungeon there called "The Academy" where she takes appointments with serious submissive gentlemen and her own personal submissive playthings. 

She is a Mistress with a vast amount of skills and has been given praise and raving reviews from many slaves who have had the pleasure of being at her feet or tied down to her bondage table.


Devlynn is a curvy, strikingly beautiful woman and she exudes confidence with every step she takes, the type of woman who can command a slave with the raise of her eyebrow. Be sure to check out her website and her amazing blog:

indomitus Lynn Pops 7_edited.jpg

Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Lynn Pops is a natural Domina based in Chicago and LA, with a frequent travel schedule around the US and Europe. She loves wearing latex and acting out her own fantasies, including corporal punishment, CBT, humiliation, chastity training, tease and denial.  She is a creative pervert that loves to push limits and get into your head. With a huge Internet presence you can see why she is worshipped and adored with her photos and videos.   She’s been to many upscale fetish events and punished in various publications. With hypnotizing eyes and a sadistic attitude she will leave you begging for more.