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Slavery/Event Tips

Man, I am on FIRE today with the login posts. Making up for lost time perhaps?

Here are some very helpful tips for having the absolute BEST time at this event.

1-STAY NEAR YOUR MISTRESS. If you think you are excited and will be a bit scatterbrained, you should see how excited the women here become. Especially the ones who haven't ever done this before! With all of the crazy and wonderful things happening all around, the women easily are distracted. They give you a task and then wander over to watch something another Mistress might be doing. If you are done with a task, there is no reason to stand alone in a corner where she can't see you, or where she was when she first gave you that task if she is no longer there. Just go and find her and let her know that you finished and are back. If no one has seen her, she might be in her rm getting changed or using the rest room. Make sure you find her (when she is done with her private moment in her rm or in the bathroom). If you are standing 40 feet behind her, she won't even know you are BACK. She will assume I must have borrowed you, or the task is taking a very long time. She isn't a mind reader, she doesn't have a tracking device on you. So make sure you stay within her sights.

2- STAY HYDRATED AND FED. REST IF YOU NEED. Mistresses are not allowed to deny you water, food or rest. That is inhumane. Everyone knows the event is hard and Florida is hot. Do not go long periods of time without checking in with yourself. Do you feel a headache coming on and that you should probably take medicine? Go take care of it before it ruins the next 3 hours of your day. Do you need to lay down for an hour because you didn't sleep well? Just ask her. You are allowed. There will be fruit and "slave balls" (peanut butter, granola, honey, chocolate chip and flaxx seed balls) to snack on throughout the day. Even if you do not feel hungry, it's best to force yourself to nibble. You will feel better. Your Mistress may have just asked you to rub her feet. "Mistress do you mind if I grab an apple quicky first?" is never met with an upset face. Taking care of YOU makes you a good slave.

3- SPEAK UP IF ANYTHING IS WRONG. Do you feel dizzy? Exhausted? Knee hurts? We very very much want you to tell us. Telling us shows that you care about yourself, your well-being and your time here and you want to rectify what is ailing you so you can be ok for later and get back in the game. Are you too close to a play scene that offends or bothers you very deeply? Ask your Mistress if you can do something with her away from this. We had a slave once who was very traumatized in his life and he couldn't handle seeing strap-on scenes around him, so whenever one was happening, he was allowed to not be around and to go do something else in another room.

4- LOSE GAMES IF YOU MUST. Games are fun but not worth blowing out your knee or having heat stroke. It's WAY BETTER to play at a small and easy pace or to tap out when you've had enough, than to go so hard that you are tearing ligaments. We like the competitive spirit but are much happier with honesty and caution. You will be totally screwed the rest of the event and the fun you could be having if you have a torn shoulder.

5- COMFORT= LONGEVITY. Do you remember seeing a requirement for comfy indoor shoes and comfy outdoor shoes on the list? Standing on a hard floor for days barefoot will absolutely kill your knees, back and shins. Make sure you are always wearing shoes when serving. Kneeling? Make sure you grab a squishy pad to kneel on or pillow.

6- ITS OK TO TAKE A TIME-OUT. Sometimes bad things are happening in our lives and it causes very odd emotions at the event. Do you need to step away from everyone and have a quiet moment alone? There's nothing wrong with that. It's fine to go nap in your cage or just go there to reset a bit. Sometimes people feel overwhelmed and need a little break. Just let your Mistress know.

7- RESPECT AND USE THE PROTOCOL. It's a high protocol event. This is very new for people. This might not be a style you are used to. Try your very best. Breaking protocol is what the women dislike the most and that is constantly taken into account and can be used against their points given to you for winning BEST SLAVE if it doesn't get better by the end of their time with you. It's fine to mess up in the beginning but not improving by the end of their time with you will be a problem.

8- BRING TESTED AND PROVEN TO WORK EARPLUGS. BRING BREATHE-RIGHT STRIPS IF YOU SNORE. People snore. LOUD. It's probably YOU. I supply ear plugs but they are just drug store simple ones for light noise. Want to get the BEST NIGHT OF SLEEP? Bring your own that you buy NOW and test out. Do they stay in your ears all night comfortably? See what a snoring sound byte (youtube, google) sounds like with your volume loud while you wear ear plugs. You "deep sleepers" will probably not sleep deeply here due to your nerves, but your ear plugs will help shut the event out a bit from your mind and help you sleep. Breathe-right strips go on your nose and eliminate snoring in about 40% of people who bring and use them. That's a few less people keeping everyone else awake, everyone INCLUDING MISTRESSES if you are assigned to sleep in our rooms! Wearing them regardless is not a bad idea.

9- DO YOUR JOB WHILE SHE'S BUSY. Women here, as stated before, are very excited and can be a bit distracted. If your Mistress has 2 slaves (you and someone else) or she is about to get involved in something, ask her if you can do your job during this time. She might think "Wow, my slave is so smart! Great idea!" There's no sense in you not doing your assigned task and standing around while she's beating her other slave for constantly breaking protocol or if she decides to go shower/get changed.

10- IF ANYTHING IS WRONG, SPEAK UP- We had a situation once where a Mistress and a slave didn't mesh well. We were able to swap them out right away and they even had a heart to heart convo about it later which was nice. That was only 1 time since 2015! However, that doesn't mean it can't happen again. If you feel something is way off, and you feel very uncomfortable telling your Mistress, find me. I'm very good at rectifying situations of that nature without the slave feeling like he is messing everything up. Also if anything is wrong in general, if you feel uncomfortable, wish to leave, etc just come find me. I'm not going to force you to stay but I might be able to alter your situation where you are participating a bit less and more so like a fly on the wall so you won't feel so much pressure, until you feel OK.

11- THE BEST NAP TIMES ARE DURING MEALS. You have 1 hour, 3 times a day, where Mistresses are busy eating. If you want a nap but don't want to miss much, mealtimes are the best times for that.

12- ALWAYS KNOCK. Looking for a Mistress? Always knock first when you see a closed door. Slaves get a bit frazzled and sometimes forget.

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