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Slavery Vs. Submission

Since many of you are new to slavery, I decided to make this post. Many of you are probably thinking "I'm NOT new to slavery Mistress, I've done professional BDSM sessions!" No, sorry, that isn't slavery. That's you paying for an experience with certain parameters and a Mistress giving you your desired experience. That isn't what slavery is or servitude its.

Slavery is complex and very deep. It's a desire to belong to a person or house hold and to serve their desires and make their lives and daily operations easier. As a slave, belonging to someone means being trained to serve them under their guidance and their command.

This does not necessarily mean "be tied up and tormented for the ladies." If that is where your mind immediately goes, you are probably not a slave, but more of a play submissive.

What is the difference between a slave and a submissive?

A submissive in our BDSM world, is someone who wishes to be dominated by another person who is controlling the situation and running the show. A submissive likes to give up control to their dominant partner and do as their dominant wishes. We call these relationships D/s relationships. Dominant/submissive. When I have professional sessions with submissives at my dungeon, I am their dominant, not their Mistress. If they see only me, and do not see other Mistresses, I consider us to have a professional D/s relationship. If we are playing in a non-paid lifestyle sense, then we have a lifestyle D/s relationship. Submissives have a desire to please their Dominant through their submission and hope that their Dominant is enjoying themselves. A submissive might like assignments from their dominant such as doing a humiliating task, or stretching out their ass for anal play, or spending time in chastity. Submissives sometimes like being linked to their Dominant by saying that they are "owned" by them. "Bitch of Mistress Michelle" for example.

However, this is where the submission ends and slavery begins. This is what separates the two types of people.

Slavery is a deeper level of submission. A slave seeks a Mistress or Master (those terms in the BDSM world mean 'Owner or commander of slaves') to own them, mold them and train them for SERVICE. They have a strong desire to serve them through tasks which may seem boring to people such as doing chores, running errands, cooking meals, doing assignments or research, and so on. A slave ALSO has kinky desires much like a submissive, and does have urges for those needs to be met which is usually a reward for good service, or if their owner feels like playing with them randomly. We call these relationships M/s relationships (Mistress/slave).

A submissive might pick up a coffee on their way to see their dominant because the submissive is a kind and thoughtful person. A slave would pick up that coffee because it is the slave's duty. Perhaps the slave is made to do this every Monday and Tuesday. A slave would wait in line for that coffee no matter how long and how horrible all for the smile on his Mistress's face when she receives that coffee, knowing he did his duty properly. Slaves in a professional setting might be arriving early to clean my dungeon, do tasks and rub my feet prior to their sessions. Submissives do not do these things but some have kindly offered to bring something I might need on their way.

You are at this event because you want to see what slavery to a household and the Mistresses in it would be like and we are delivering that world to you. This means that you will be trained and molded to be our slaves and serve us accordingly. If you are not into slavery and only wish to submit in a dungeon setting, this event is probably not for you. While we do engage in lots of play, you are in slavery mode 24/7 and we expect you to do as we say and command. This means you will be grabbing us a beverage, rubbing our feet, making our bed, doing things we wish, just like a slave would. If you are unsure of what you are, this event will enable you to find out that you are or are not really a slave and are a submissive. A couple of people found that out while having a lot of fun in the process, and that's OK!

A slave is a submissive person, but a submissive is not a slave. Make sense?

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