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Sunday Photo Shoot/Photos in General

I am sure you have seen the very sexy professional looking OOI photos all over the web? Those are taken on Sunday from 2 to 5ish in the designated photography set-up. Anyone who wishes to join in can throw on a hood and get in some pictures. I edit them personally, so if you need a tattoo or a mole removed, I can do that for you so you aren't recognized. If you are not going to be in the photo shoot, but are staying late and wish to assist in the clean-up of the event, please refer to the typed out EVENT BREAK DOWN LIST that is in the kitchen.



As far as photos in general, I am going to put a bracelet on you if you cannot have your pic taken whatsoever (even in a hood) at any time throughout the weekend. I will not take a photo of you even if you are a tiny background slave in the distance. Nothing. Nada. Not happening ever. Rest assured.

I am the only one taking photos and as you can see from the small amount of weekend action photos on the web, it's not a photo-heavy event and photos aren't constantly being taken. This is for privacy and so everyone has fun. I assure you that the women attending are extremely respectful of this and take this very seriously. You are dealing with the best.

SLAVES WHO CAN HAVE PHOTOS TAKEN (this means they are posted for promo on the web)

I am never going to take a photo of anyone who isn't in a hood or has their entire face/head completely out of a picture. If I want to take a group pic of something I will ask the slaves who cannot be in the shot to get lost and the slaves who are able to be in it to throw a hood on (I have hoods). If you and a Mistress want to take a photo together during the weekend to capture a moment make sure no bracelet-wearing slave is around and in the shot. Go to a private place. There is only 1 slave who takes full face pics and that is 018 who is a fetish model/performer and we all have known him for many years. If you want me to try to take a LOT of pics of you during the weekend, let me know ahead of time.

We have never had any issue before with anyone being in a photo on accident who shouldn't have been. DAMN we are good.

I just thought of an additional 2 items to bring. Please bring long pants and a long-sleeved shirt preferably black. Thick sweat-pants/sweatshirt is best. Lets see how many of you have checked the login and have paid attention!

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