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Welcome Slaves of Indomitus November 2018!

Welcome slaves of Indomitus 2018!

My apologies for the long delray of login posts. Some of you already know that I usually post from time to time but haven't been doing so. This has been a very unique event between people signing up and then needing to drop out, and people almost making it only to not make it at all, and now a few last minute sign ups. I couldn't assign numbers and jobs to everyone until I had a better handle on who was actually making it. I just didn't want to change it 20 times.

I am SO excited, and so are the other women who are attending. This is going to be a great event, the energy is high between all of the women. We are just all above the moon to be doing this!

There MIGHT be a small OOI in March with Brianna, Kendra, myself and Goddess Cheyenne of Atlanta. OOI slaves get first dibs on signing up to join. I will announce that most likely in Dec, but something to think about. It might be a themed event as well! A strict military-style event, something I've always wanted to do!

I am busy finding a new location for Eden as well as renovating the dungeon for some fun times ahead which include OOI-only parties. It's been a VERY busy month and I am working very hard to try to make more femdom fun for everyone in the coming year. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far! Especially with dungeon renovations and home depot gift cards!

I was just at the estate yesterday and there are some changes to the property that are quite nice. The whole house has been painted and the women have beautiful new flooring in their bedrooms. There has been some landscaping improvements outside, the driveway has been re-graveled and there has been almost NO RAIN for what is supposed to be a rainy season. This means perfectly dry roads. (Newbies to OOI, know the road is a dusty one and your car is going to be covered in dust when you leave).

Please notice the new item posted in the WHAT TO BRING area.

Thank you for all of your patience. This may be the best OOI we have ever had! That is our goal!

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