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Some reminders:

-Sunglasses for outdoor activities.

-Burn easily from the sun? Bald? Bring a hat! We allow it.

-Trim your nose hair

-Trim your pubes

-Bring deodorant

-Breathe-right strips (buy them at a local drug store. Yes, you snore. Yes you do. No, you really do).

-sound-canceling little foam earplugs are provided but if you have a type you want to bring that you

know have worked great for you in the past, bring them!


-I hope you all had a good visit for a teeth cleaning at your dentist prior to attending this event.

(You have right???? You know you will be inches from us, breathing heavily as we torment you, all in our direction, right????)

-old sneakers for outdoor games are fine. Don't impress us with your sparkly new sneakers only to get them all filthy should we do a lot of things outside after all.

-toothbrush and tooth paste

-Waterproof shoes for showering, running to the bathroom, walking around the pool (flip flops or similar are fine)

-Don't forget medications/vitamins if you need to take them.

-My returning servants from prior events (my slave slaumni!): if you still have the black attire that consisted of a black or dark gray t-shirt or long sleeved shirt and black or dark gray sweatpants that I had asked you to bring for that one particular event last November when we had 12 slaves and not enough attire, it would be helpful if you brought it again). New slaves, don't worry about this.

-Tips for select Mistresses or tips for the house if you feel inclined to tip (read the tipping post for advice).

-Tissues because we are going to make you cry!

OK! Thank you gentlemen!

P.S. Know why I made this slave login? So all of the info you need is accessible at any time, and I don't have to be bothered with "Mistress, I didn't get the email regarding __" 200 times. I know, I'm a smart cookie.

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