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Don't leave, it gets easier.

A few evenings ago, a slave from OOI came down to South Florida and we did an incredible session at my new dungeon. We had a wonderful long conversation afterwards about OOI and it inspired me to write this post.

It is downright terrifying coming to a slavery event with a group of people, and being expected to somehow forget how terrified and nervous you are, learn protocol, and get through a grueling and challenging weekend. He is one of 4 slaves I have had who had said to me later that about an hour into the event on Friday, they wanted to run home (well, most likely just respectfully leave), feeling so overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. What did he and the other slaves do instead? They forced themselves to stay just a tiny bit more. Suddenly, they were put to work and were spread out and their focus shifted onto the task at hand and not at the large group. Slowly, they felt more at ease. Slowly, they felt more calm. Suddenly, its Sunday and they are standing there teary-eyed, saying goodbye, extremely happy they stayed. That "he" is returning to this coming event, his second one.

The others have all been back for second and third events.

While you first-timers stand in your row and tremble as we welcome you, quiver as we drill you on slavery positions, the returning slaves will be feeling your pain as they are standing beside you. They will look at you knowing full-well how you feel, how overwhelming it all is, how you may feel you want to run home. Please look to them as proof that you can get through this. You CAN stay. It DOES get much easier.

The Survival Guide sold on the site (where you paid for the raffle ticket and application fee) is also immensely helpful and has put a lot of slaves at ease.

I've gone to many people's versions of multi-day slavery events. They always have men leaving the first night, and more dropping out during the duration of the event, for all kinds of negative reasons. No one leaves Indomitus. Everyone stays. Everyone makes it until the end. We don't have that happen here. Half of our event is returning regulars. It is for very good reasons.

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