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OOI Survival Guide and Indomitus Shop

For those who are interested, the Official Slavery Survival Guide is now for sale. Before you purchase it, keep in mind that it was originally intended to be finished a few weeks from now, months before the next event but the author, myself and the women were able to coordinate and get it done sooner as many of you had asked about it. So you all lucked-out.

Notice there is a SHOP page on the site now?

We plan on having OOI merchandise for sale slowly as we can get to it, beginning with our "Goddess" line of bath products. We will also have e-books written by the Priestesses, T-shirts, and so much more. Keep in mind that some people will never be able to attend Indomitus but some would love to read about the women's thoughts on slavery and how to serve them properly. Some would love to buy the small batched hand-made Indomitus inspired slave-made bath products that are only exclusively given out here to the Priestesses to their Mistress back home (we are already being asked) such as our crackling "sacrifice" candles, "coffee service" body scrub bars and "ritual" soaps and "male tears" bath bombs.

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