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Welcome to the Jungle, Slaves of Jan 2023!

Or should I say, the swamp!

This login exists to help prepare you for the event of a lifetime. So many posts have been in here and removed later on, which correspond with the upcoming event at hand. I remove them to not cause confusion but I DO leave some helpful posts behind.

Be sure to browse this login and read up on those posts. They answer a lot of questions and offer a lot of helpful advice.

Inside this login will be an official list of items to bring for this particular event. Nothing required is expensive, nor needed to be purchased long in advance.

Inside this login Jan 1st, the address will be posted.

This is all for your benefit. No emails going to spam or not going through. You get to login anytime and access what you need.

I hope you are ready for what we lovingly call, the "Femdom Farm, Slave Camp" and other names. Really the event is Indomitus,

a gritty, sweaty, wild ride, taking you through a challenging but thrilling weekend in a completely immersive femdom world. While you are kept safe and sane, do not expect frills. You are a slave here, and will be treated as such for our use. You will be put through games and activities, service and submission, from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. This will never stop. Be warned!

If you have any issues sleeping in a cage (large cage) on memory foam bottom with pillow, sheet and blanket bc you have issues with claustrophobia or other health concerns, mention this to me as soon as possible. The rest of you will be caged, put to

bed each night in them, and woken each morning by the strict and smirking Guardesses known here as Priestesses.

Each week or so, there will be some helpful info posted in here, and perhaps some photos as well of the BTS set-up of the event as things get closer.

I am excited to have all of you at my mercy.

-Mistress Michelle Lacy

PS. Don't you want to know the other women who are coming? You all signed up with just knowing 3 or 4.

That's WILD! You like living on the edge. Maybe I will keep you all on that edge for a few more days.

-Mistress Michelle


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