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Slave to Mistress Ratio Concerns Answered

It is getting closer to Indomitus, and I cannot tell you how excited all of the women are to be there. We have a lot in store for you all, with a packed schedule of things to do. You may notice based on the jobs, that there are quite a few slaves coming and the raffle winner is still yet to be chosen. You may be worried that with more slaves, there will be less time to spend with the Mistresses there. Not to worry as I will explain a bit more how this works to put your minds at ease.

This is a very realistic, immersive Femdom environment and in my eyes, if I lived alone with 12 slaves, that is just how it would be. Slaves exist to be collared and serve whether that is one Mistress, or a household of them, and whether that is by themselves or alongside several others. However this is a weekend-long event and not everyday filled with many slaves working at a Femdom compound (I wish!). We seek to pack as much as possible into it, to give everyone involved the best experience they could have. So that is why we do not go over a 2 slaves per 1 Mistress ratio. Some of our events are a 1:1 ratio. We want you all to learn how to serve us and do it well. If we had events with only returning Indomitus slaves allowed and the same exact Mistresses, it would not matter if 20 slaves were there. Many of us are new to each other and many of you are new to Indomitus.

A 2:1 ration may seem daunting because many of you are used to playing with professional Mistresses and having her full attention, as well as serving 1 Mistress with no other slaves in the picture. This event is based on a more realistic service-oriented slavery/ Femdom environment where you truly get no say and are truly at our mercy of what we want to do with you. That means slaves are given real jobs and actual helpful tasks we need done for the event to run smoothly. There are more than 20 people on this estate for the weekend and things need to be cleaned, moved, set-up, broken-down, moved again, and food needs to be cooked. This all takes time. Now what happens when there are more slaves to do the work? That's right. It gets done much faster. 10 slaves get things done twice as fast as 5. Higher amounts of slaves are preferred as the event runs more on schedule, the Mistresses feel less stressed, and it frees up more time to spend with Mistresses.

Aside from more time being freed up, slaves do not do their jobs at the same time always. This means while one slave is doing his job, another will be used as human furniture or toyed with in other ways, at a Mistress's feet, or simply being allowed to have conversation with her. Eventually at some point, the reverse will happen. I bought two slaves at a slave auction and on Friday evening, I had one standing in a cock and ball stockade wearing nipple clamps and a gag with his balls clamped down and tied up as the ball rope stretched to the saint andrews cross up high where my second slave was being beaten by me. When I was done with an implement, I hung in on the rope attached to the stockade slave's balls. Eventually, all the impact toys were hung from his ball rope (my equipment rack) and the slave on the Saint Andrews cross was thoroughly beaten. The women here are extremely lively and creative. Just one single Mistress here can practically line all of you up and torment all of you at the same time faster than your could spin your head around to see what is going on. I once had two slaves in deep sensory deprivation/predicament bondage on tables side by side. There is so much wild stuff we have done.

So while you may be a little nervous about the ratio, it works extremely well (or we simply would have changed it by now if it didn't!)

We cap the event at 12 slaves and should more slaves attend, more Mistresses will absolutely be joining us.

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