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Servant positions at The Order

Each slave is given a job to do at The Order based on their skills listed in their applications.

Here is an example of what the possible jobs could be.

Cooks: We select 2 slaves who consider themselves decent-fantastic cooks to cook our meals. You are responsible for following the menu, which is very straight-forward and easy to follow. You will be responsible for cleaning the kitchen up with the other slaves after each meal.

Kitchen assistant/server: You will assist the 2 cooks in the kitchen by cutting vegetables, serving the Mistress's coffee or tea if you are not in use otherwise, and taking their overall meal orders. You will also be helping with the kitchen clean-up afterwards. You will be listening for the service bell for a Mistress at the table who may need something. You will be setting the table before-hand. It is a good idea to watch a youtube video or 2 on how to set a table if you do not already know how to do so.

House servant/maid: Your job will be to clean up as the Mistress's instruct. This could be making their beds, scrubbing toilets, assisting in unpacking their suitcases, throwing in laundry or washing their latex garments. It would be a good idea for you to google how to wash and store latex (it's very simple actually) as well as ask how the Mistress prefers her latex washed and cared for.

Handy-man: We might need something fixed, or new items assembled or taken apart.

Other jobs will be given out based on our needs and your skills.

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