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Additional limits/interests/changes

Hello slaves of the Order of Indomitus.

Many of you have been emailing me lately, asking if you can add additional info including a limit, interest, goal or health concern,

or change something you stated on your application.

The short answer is, YES. However emailing me those things, creates a lot of confusion, and a LOT of emails. One of you in particular, have asked me to add or change things 5 times.

The thing is, there's nothing to add them to. I cannot edit an application. The way Indomitus works, is that you are supposed to put ALL of your interests, limits and goals on your application. If you application is old and things have changed over time, you are supposed to as I have suggested many times, fill out a new one which is fresh. No need to pay the fee, you are already accepted. The fee keeps me from reading 4,000 time-waster applications from people wasting my time. Most people who pay the fee are somewhat serious in attending.

The day before the event, I print out ALL of your most recent applications. I then put black marker through your personal info you may have put there (real name if you put that, etc) and I leave everything else. I put your slave number or soon to be slave number on the application, and we, the Mistresses, discuss all of the slaves who are attending in depth. This is how the event runs so well, and why slaves are often bought by Mistresses they end up having a blast with at the auction. It's because the women got to know who they likely will try to buy at auction. The auction is never staged, but the women have a deeper idea of

who they are buying because we discussed you. This also keeps everyone safe. Often one of us personally knows a sub attending, and we know that sub has a health issue that they don't mention or down-play which is very serious and others should

know about. For the safety of that sub, she may decide to discuss this. Your physical and mental well-being is very important to us.

So go ahead and fill out another application. When I glance and see it's one of you, I just ignore it, so it's not a bother. You can even do it multiple times.

I highly recommend asking me for a copy of your last one, for reference. It takes me a min to copy and paste it into an email for you.

I also highly recommend copying and pasting before you sent it in, so you can reference it later.

-Mistress Michelle Lacy


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