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Recent Event FAQ

A few people have been asking questions and I would like to answer here so everyone can see.

Q. How close is the location to the airport?

A. The answer to that is on the website FAQ.

Q. How do I show gratitude/tip/gift to the Mistresses?

A. I recommend and the women agree, that while it's never mandatory, the best way to show appreciation is to tip the women you have interacted with at the estate. This usually means the women who buy you at auction, and can also include others who have shown you a good time. Some people tip $100-500 and it's never mandatory.

Q. Can I have the address?

A. It will be posted.

Q. Where do I park my car?

A. Anywhere you can near the other parked cars.

Q. Do you need any help before the event starts?

A. I do not allow new slaves to help before the event, it takes away the mystique of the event. Only slaves who have done OOI are allowed to attend.

Q. I have food allergies/restrictions

A. You will have multiple food options. Not to worry about that. You did need to list that on your application. Please

tell me ASAP if you didn't!

Q. When do I arrive?

A. No earlier than 15 min before 3pm. Arriving earlier means you will be waiting outside and ignored until 3pm.

Q. What if I made a mistake and want to leave the event? What if it isn't for me?

A. Just come and find me (Mistress Michelle) or tell your Mistress in charge of you, that you need to ask me an important private question. I will not be mad or upset, I will try to see what your issue is and resolve it, but if it's not resolvable, of course you are welcome to go. No one has left an event yet, but that doesn't mean it will not happen.

Q. Who is going to buy me at auction?

A. Usually Mistresses who have similar personal interests as you. No one to date has been upset over who has bought them. Many have been pleasantly surprised when bought by a Mistress they were unfamiliar with. Slaves are not always bought by women who own them or play with them constantly, as those Mistresses usually enjoy seeing you flourish with others before their eyes, and have a new experience.


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