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Slavery Tips for Stressful Situations

Slavery is a difficult thing and this event can be a stressful experience for many people. You will be having a lot of fun, but you will also be nervous, excited, and a bit scared too. When so much is going on in your head, it's easy to become overwhelmed and also misunderstand situations that are happening in front of you. We never want anyone to have a bad experience, or have any bad feelings, so I am giving you all a few pointers in here that many slaves use during these types of events and even in their personal slavery situations back home.

Slaves naturally have fears of performing properly for their Mistress or Mistresses. If you are not doing something properly, the Mistress in charge of you will correct you and make you do it properly. This is not her being mean to you, this is her helping you get it right so you can be your best self. Every single one of you will be corrected multiple times, so never feel like you are the only slave messing up. This can make some people feel bad who are not used to being a slave and being corrected. However, don't take offense to it, and instead, go with the flow and know that it is the Mistress molding you to be great. As a slave, if you do continue on a slavery path and are to serve a Mistress personally in the future, this is something you will have to get used to. This type of thinking also should go for being punished. If you really screw up bad (chatting with other slaves when you are not allowed to for example) you will be punished within your limits. Punishment can and will create negative feelings (no one likes to mess up that bad) and you will feel awful emotionally for doing so. Take your punishment and accept your wrong-doings and be better. Slaves have cried from emotions for feeling so horrible about it and this is natural. However, accept it and get back "into the game" so to speak, and don't dwell on it or you'll end up ruining your own time.

There might be a circumstance, when the Mistress you are serving for the day is preoccupied and not giving you a task at the moment. You might end up making the mistake of standing there for a long time and feeling forgotten about. These feelings can grow and eat away at you and make you feel awful. However, this is ALWAYS a case of a busy Mistress not knowing where her slave went and is assuming by YOU not finding her to let her know that you are now available, that you were put to use to do your stated job or borrowed by another Mistress, or using the rest room. Simply go to your Mistress and let her know that you are available.

If she is caught up in something, as me if there is some way you could be of use, and I will let her know that I borrowed you. You are never forgotten about, there are just times when slaves misunderstand situations by letting their emotions take over what is logically happening. One event, Jean Bardot was waiting for 2 hours poolside for her slave to get back from doing a task in the kitchen to come back and serve her, and he was waiting beside the kitchen for her and feeling awful because he assumed she would be coming to track him down and retrieve him. It's not our job to retrieve you, it's your job to come find us and be of use.

Communication and Time Outs when Dealing with awful feelings.

Communication is everything. At the event, we will teach you this. You should absolutely let a Mistress know that something is wrong right away and this could be you feeling emotionally poorly, not just physically! Communication can resolve everything immediately but if you do not communicate, situations only get worse and our ability to help get you out of a larger and more negative head space, will be much harder.

In a rare circumstance, a slave will come to the event with unresolved personal problems. These problems can and will seep into his time being a slave, and a small little issue at the event that is easily resolvable, will now become enormous and terrible in his own mind due to how awful he is already feeling. If you are dealing with an issue back home, or if there is anything bothering you in a very bad way, the first thing to do is to take a time-out. Go take a break away from everyone for a long time and take some deep breathes and try hard to logically picture what is upsetting you. Often times, slaves will realize that it's not the event, but it's something going on back home. Or if it is the event, that they might be over reacting or being a bit ridiculous and that they should come and talk to me or their Mistress who is in charge of them. Most often if it's the event, it's usually a huge misunderstanding where the slave is letting his emotions get the best of him and seeing a situation as something it isn't at all. A slave once attended the event with a lot of emotional issues going on and this ate away at him during the event. He thought he was forgotten about when there was some confusion about which Mistress had him for a few hours. Asking and communicating would have resolved it immediately, but instead he chose to let his emotions eat away at him and not say a word. He didn't know that the party was being extended for 2 hours as it was daylight savings time, and that there were in fact, big kinky plans for him between two Mistresses. He was sad, and completely forgotten about being played with earlier that day, and acted as if he had no attention at all from the two Mistresses who owned him for the day. He lost it and left, not listening to a word I said to try to explain any of this, and greatly embarassed me as he is my personal slave and should know better. After leaving and calming down, he realized that he screwed up and that this all could have been resolved many hours ago with some communication. Had he not come to the event feeling bad in the first place, this might have never happened. He should have taken a time out, and then spoke to me but he chose not to and it turned into a big issue with him missing the rest of the event and letting his Mistresses down. He majorly regretted this and sees where he screwed up and ruined his own time there.

Being a slave is not easy and it often can be emotionally taxing in certain circumstances. You must be able to put your emotions aside, think logically and handle situations calmly for the good of your Mistress and also yourself! Some people come to OOI to escape a nasty situation back home and this isn't a good idea. Some people come here with lots of emotional problems of not feeling good enough and having very low self esteem and being easily hurt emotionally and never getting proper help for those feelings. This is also not a good idea as it absolutely will screw up your slavery time.

You are entering a very challenging world that many of you are new to. Communication. Time-outs. Thinking logically and not emotionally. Remember these things as you serve us all weekend.

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