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Dear Slaves 002, 018, 023, 028, 031, 037, 038, 039, 040, 041, 042,

After some rest and getting my head back on straight, I wanted to write you all a message of thanks.

With the flooded grounds, I was under stress, hoping we could still get you all into the grounds to have the event. After we accomplished that, I was relieved and I knew this event would be a great time. Unfortunately, due to several circumstances, this was the only event we have ever had where I didn't get any sleep and that was very hard on me. Luckily, I had an amazing group of women who were able to assist me, and a wonderful group of understanding and incredible slaves. Normally, I am the most energetic one and running around like a rabid dog, chasing men around!

I cannot say enough about what an amazing group this is. We had 5 returning slaves (WOW), many new slaves, and a few more past slaves who were trying hard to make it work with their schedules but were not able to! This speaks volumes of how many people love the event and that means the world to me. This was the only event where no one was trembling during the line-up. Perhaps enough of these have happened and there is now over 40 slaves out there to speak about it to others, and that has made people feel very safe. I also believe this is the first event where each and every single man who attended seemed to be very much subservient to women, whereas each event there is always 1 or 2 who are testing themselves but don't quite seem to be service-oriented slaves. Not that they have behaved poorly, they have just realized that they didn't have a deep enough understanding of what slavery is prior to attending and realized they aren't on the level you all are on.

Some of you have told me that this was the best line-up of women I have ever had. What you don't know is that the women who attended before (Lydia and Isobel) said this is the best line-up of slaves I have ever had. Thank you so much for that! The new women have complimented me on the event and all of you, constantly throughout the weekend. Some of the women thought they were just in for a fun and wild weekend but they were emotional seeing how much goes into the event and how much you all get out of it as slaves.

To the new slaves of the event who had asked if I needed help setting up, I purposely do not allow it because I do not want you to see the inner workings of the event. I want you to have a great experience and coming early to help, kills that for you. It takes away the mystery. That is why I only have returning people come and help. This event for me is not just about us women, its about YOU ALL. Some of you have never experienced protocol before. Some of you have never slept in a cage. Some of you were never taught by a Mistress how she wanted things done for her like how she likes her towels folded or her feet rubbed. Some of you have not ever served a Mistress before outside of a professional session. OOI to me, creates this world that we can live in for the weekend. I wanted a place where women ruled and men were not made into slaves but TAUGHT to be slaves. Believe it or not, some of the attending Mistresses at my events have never been in that situation before from the other end of things either. So they get to experience protocol and slavery positions, and things they always dreamed of having.

Slavery means different things to different people. Not everyone's idea of slavery means sleeping in a cage, or pissing outside. Some people think of serving a Mistress while sleeping in a normal bed at night and using a real shower. At OOI, we treat you all the same. You are all hosed off like animals, have to use the bathroom outside and treated like lesser beings in a degraded sense. We are very aware that this type of harsh environment is not enjoyed by some of you at all, and is tolerated so you can get through the rest of the event. Real slavery is about starting at the bottom and earning things through your dedication. That is why we have given some of the slaves who have returned to us more "humane" treatments than what you all had. Should you return, you MIGHT be given the same nicer treatments....(MAYBE!)

OOI changes, evolves and gets better with each event. Feedback from past events have made me tweak and change things for this past event and the next event will be different from the one you attended. OOI has a lot in store for the future as we are growing.

I may have been exhausted, but I was peeking around and noticing so much throughout the weekend. I noticed how hard you all were trying. I saw you all running around, serving your Mistress who had you for the evening. I saw the joy in your faces when she allowed some conversation or was doing something kinky to you which you all no doubt had earned. I saw those of you who were not used to protocol, constantly correcting yourselves and trying. Without protocol and that kind of environment, its easy to lose your head space for a whole weekend. It also helps the Mistresses keep you in line and feel respected by you. I watched 031, 041 and 028 run around the event making sure our meals were fantastic. 040 learning to make coffee so he could be the coffee slave, was a huge thrill for me and very much appreciated. I saw 038 was so incredibly happy serving Goddess Brianna Friday, as if in a trance, and it was fun to piss all over you in the shower :)

037 washing latex was definitely your calling and seeing you go into your happy place in rubber-land was amazing. You were Tangent's baggage hero and that small airport trip meant the world to her. 039, due to your health concerns that you had listed in your application, we were going to keep an eye on you the most, and to our total surprise, you were like a little kid running around having the time of your life! WOW! Very unexpected! 037 what a trouper you were when you hurt your leg during the slave hunt. You could have laid down for a few hours but you really wanted to keep going! 040, you were very shocked to see that you were able to do the entire event, even with your dialysis port. Of course you could have sat out of anything you needed to, but you still went out there, carefully, and managed to have a great time! 028, I cannot begin to say how WOWED we all were with not only the food but your helpful nature and I think the slaves really appreciate your very kind and helpful direction. You kept them from feeling lost. 002, you are always someone who I never get to spend enough time with during the event, but I love and cherish our conversations afterwards. I have seen you at 6 events between my own and others from before and it's awesome to see you grow and enjoy yourself more and more.

023, my my! Look at what you are doing in your life now! Three OOI's under your belt and a condo in Boynton! That's my slave! I'm so very proud of you! I remember when you were afraid to be over my knee! Now look at you! I love seeing you out there helping with the other slaves set up the event, your face is always beaming with joy. 041 not only were you so incredibly helpful and very submissive, but your dedication to servitude was outstanding. You are a true slave from the inside out. I will never forget clasping my hands with yours at the slave initiation when you said you wanted to suffer more for us. Please never forget how appreciated you were this weekend and that slaves are always to feel appreciated, wanted, and cared for.

018, you are such a sweetheart and you make me proud every single day. You also made Brianna very proud. I told her how helpful and amazing you are to me on a constant basis and she saw how wonderful you were at the event. While she didn't buy you for the same reason I didn't buy 023 who is my own personal slave, she did watch you and she sees that you do an incredible job. 031, you may be new to femdom, but no one would ever know that! Not only do I enjoy playing with you, but you are a powerhouse at my events, and you are always thinking of how you can be of any assistance. Your hard work shines and everyone notices. 037 your thank you email was so sweet. I'm so very happy to call you a friend. 018 and 023 and everyone else who wrote me a nice email, thank you!

I don't like getting tips as I would rather the women get tipped but some of you have sent me something. 039, I am wearing the necklace you gave me at the event. It's beautiful. Your email was also so wonderful to me and we all hope to see you again. Those who chipped in for spa day, well, we went to the spa. Our first OOI spa day, something we all have wanted after an event for 2 years now. Thank you for that so very much. 041, that was very, very nice of you and you did not have to do what you did. I'm speechless. Also, the women were blown away by all of your kindness and appreciation because they usually don't get much (they aren't here for that so they don't expect it) and they were very shocked with this event. Thank you all very much for that.

These women can be anywhere else in the world and they choose to come here to be with all of you. You all really made them feel appreciated, and at spa day, they could not stop talking about their fun times with you, no napping was had at all! How awesome!

So thank you all so very much, because you make me keep doing these events. Thank you for making our dreams a reality with your servitude.

XOXOXO-Mistress Michelle

PS: Some of you said you wanted to do a writing on a place such as fetlife about your OOI experience. Yes! Absolutely! Please contact me via fetlife so I know what your username is so I can link you as our slave. Please do not spoil surprises or say too much as we enjoy leaving some mystery.

Some new things in the works for the future of OOI:

-New OOI event for returning initiated slaves only, possibly at a different location (scoping out private beachfront mansions and other locations), way different format!

-New, private small event with dinner/overnight for returning initiated slaves only at my new dungeon after renovations are complete.

-Keep the current OOI event for slaves both new and experienced.

-Festival of the Goddess (a large OOI event with returning slaves getting first pick of spots, over a dozen Mistresses, more rituals, hired performers such as belly dancers and fire eaters).

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