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Question: Are the slaves in chastity all weekend?

This is a great question. The answer is YES and NO.

We generally, do not keep the slaves in chastity all weekend, but can and will under certain circumstances. Here is why:

I have attended many slavery weekends of different types, all over the country. I also regularly have personal slaves locked in chastity. I have found that keeping slaves locked in chastity for the weekend with a device they have never worn before, usually doesn't work well at all and I prefer to have chastity not be a main focus or problem of the event, unless a Mistress feels like locking a slave in a chastity device for some sort of torment or punishment.

We cannot possibly provide chastity devices that perfectly fit each and every slave who shows up. That would be impossible, without having about 200 devices on hand and the time to test them on the slaves to see who eventually slips out of what device. Choosing the right device can take several days with just 1 device to see how well it stays on, if it cuts of circulation, pinches, etc. Most likely, we would lock you in a device that within a few hours would fall off, or end up being uncomfortable and we would be onto a second device attempt, and a third. (Anyone who has ever tried chastity device training can tell you that finding the perfect one takes quite some time).

The women want to be able to have access to your entire body, at any time. Stopping to take a device off, and the time it takes to get it back on afterwards, constantly, all of the time, is a big annoyance.

We have activities and games here at THE ORDER. If you were to trip and fall on the grass while being locked up, you could get severely hurt. So anyone who is locked will have to be unlocked before all games.

THE ORDER intends to provide the most realistic slavery experience we possibly can. Stopping to fit everyone in a device, takes away from this. Stopping to deal with problems of things not fitting right, falling off, etc, takes away from this.


-You come with your own tried and true device.

-Any Mistress feels you warrant being controlled down there, in which we will take the chance and put you into one of our devices.


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