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The Order Of Indomitus was created and is run by it's head Mistress Michelle Lacy.


The Order consists of a group of dominant women, who get together at weekend gatherings to celebrate femdom which are chosen by the head Priestess Mistress Michelle Lacy and voted on as a group. She chooses several women to become Priestesses to come together at a private residence in Florida (called Indomitus Estate) where they will  select male applicants to be trained and transformed into complete and total slaves/servants for one weekend in a total female dominated world. The women are chosen based on reputation, their total and very real lust for a female dominated lifestyle, their skills and their professionalism. The Order also holds other Femdom events throughout the year. Most of the events take place at this very location and they include a sissy themed weekend called and other types of genres of female domination.

Femdom Week is what the days following the Order Of Indomitus are called and this usually is the time from the event ending on Sunday, and goes until Wednesday or Thursday. A smaller group of Mistresses remain to continue being served by slaves  in a less-scheduled, but still eventful week in a femdom world.

At The Order Of Indomitus, which usually takes place every October or November, subservient applicants who are accepted can spend two evenings at the Order in a position of absolute slavery. We have mostly males, but have also had females, trans, etc.  Slaves are stripped of the outside world, put through training, and used in games, for service, for torment and for anything the Priestesses and their apprentices or female guests desire. Taking place at private residence complete with a pool, a dungeon and lots of grounds, there are pony cart races, and "hunting" the slaves down in the spirit of the slave hunt from the “Other World Kingdom,” lavish dinners and even nightly torch-lit sacred fire  slave "initiations" and public punishments in front of the group.

Slaves do not have to be masochistic to attend, but must be ready to accept punishments for infractions, and punishments can happen in numerous ways, including ways that do not leave marks or cause physical pain. We have endless ways to torment you for our pleasure and for your punishment if need be. 

Those who have attended our previous private events have said this is the closest experience they have found to Prague's "Other World Kingdom" as far as feeling like they are truly in a very real femdom environment with being able to serve and engage indoors and outdoors in total seclusion. While this event is a lot smaller than the OWK with different ideals, they find it is similar in style and spirit. That's a difficult experience to find in the USA.  

Events have been running publicly and since 2015, and have been a huge success, and as of 2024 we have almost 100 numbered servants. Only fitting a certain number and selling out, returning slaves often take up many spaces, where new event-goers have only a few slots to fill up to have a chance of attending. Otherwise, our numbers would likely be almost double.

The event used to be held at the legendary location which Mistress Michelle ended up purchasing and owning for these events. This estate was sold in favor of an estate that had a much larger facility that could more comfortably hold the number of event goers (4 times as large) as well as the sprawling grounds, in a beautiful water-front location, near world-famous beaches.



If you would like to be considered as a Priestess at our next event, you must contact Mistress Michelle Lacy ( so she can submit your request to the Order. To be chosen, you must be a woman who has shown dedication, skill, and professionalism in her time as a dominant woman. You will be housed and fed. You must also have a minimum of 7 years of full time experience as a professional dominatrix.



In order to attend, you must currently be mentored by a Priestess who is attending the same event. You are housed and fed. Have your mentor contact Mistress Michelle Lacy. We may not be accepting apprentices at all events.




Any females (dominant, submissive, new, professional dominants, etc) are welcome to visit THE ORDER but must be approved first. Contact Mistress Michelle Lacy to attend.





Reading all of this must make you both delighted and afraid. You should be. As soon as you arrive, you will know that you are in the right place, a place where you belong, collared  at the feet of smiling dominant women and used for their every desire.


Want to read the survival guide, written by a past attending slave? It is found HERE 


















"Indomitus has been a vision of mine ever since I first entered a dungeon and heard tales of the OWK.

I knew then that I wanted badly to create a fantastic Femdom world of my own.

When I discuss Indomitus and it's ideals with others, it is what many feel a female-dominated gathering should be. 

There is a need for people to live this out, to be their true selves in a judgement-free environment.

There needs to be a place where both the inexperienced slave and the most experienced slave, can go and both feel like they belong and neither are out of place. Where ALL men, regardless of experience level are taught how WE want to be served and are taught the same lessons and protocols which are not taught anywhere else.

There is a need for women to gather who share the same ideals, who want to wake up every day with their coffee serve to them on a tray by a collared male in a chastity device. A place where women who are new to this world can come and learn to harness their femdom power from more experienced women. 

Indomitus is where wild, incredible and even sometimes emotional experiences take place. It is a place where people can truly let go of the world outside of our gates. 

It is a place that is more amazing than the slaves and Mistresses who attend even dreamed. It has become a gathering that has grown and become more amazing than I ever dreamed it ever could be. 

Nothing in life lasts forever, and one day even something as incredible as our Order may be no more. Are you going to be one of the many who sat by and wished you could have gone? Or are you the one who is going to be a part of the Legend?

Be a part of something Legendary. Join our Order. 

















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