Busy, busy!

Hello slaves. Mistress Michelle Lacy here. I have been at the estate, getting it prepped for the event. Slave OOI-017 had flown in to help. Our first priority was safety at the estate, as the estate save for a few sessions, has been sitting since the 2019 event. Even though the cross in the field will likely be fine for many future slave initiations to come, I still made him reinforce it anyway. Over 200 fire ant hills, many wasp nests, and other such potentially bothersome critter situations were exterminated. Lots of hard work to prep the estate for the event, way more than any event I have ever had, at least 3x the work which I have already started.

Slave tags are ordered.

Your jobs will be posted this week. And I will be giving all of you an update in the login here regarding other situations for the event.

I look forward to your servitude and suffering for our enjoyment.

-Mistress Michelle Lacy

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