Job Descriptions

I might still move jobs around. This is a work in progress post.

If anyone is worried, here is a clear description of what they entail:

Labor slave: If you are a labor slave, you are assigned to do physical tasks such as moving something from one place to another, assisting to set up a tent, or anything else physical. You will be told to do something during the event. You never have to lift anything very heavy on your own.

Kitchen prep helper: I am most likely going to be in charge of the kitchen. You would be assisting me with prepping meals under my instruction. This will not be difficult. "Wash this lettuce" or "cut these carrots into this size." It's a good idea to study both fridges to see where things are when you have a few moments of time.

Dish Washer: You will have the task of washing dishes after a designated meal.

Cleaning slaves: You will be doing general cleaning. The floors are usually the first thing that will be cleaned as they become dirty the fastest. Your Mistress will instruct you on what has to be done.

Coffee/tea/beverages: You will have the job of making sure there is coffee ready at all times of the day, as well as asking the women at meals what they would like to drink and getting that drink for them. The coffee slave is the event hero. TIP: Coffee runs out FAST!

Latex care: Usually given to a slave who is a rubberist. This slave washes all of the women's rubber each day at one time.

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