Indomitus Update

Hello there slaves,

I have already started the revamping of the estate. Trying to get ahead of the game here. Made a list of things I can do ahead of time, and things the slaves arriving early can help me with.

I've been taking a lot of cool photos and videos behind the scenes, posting soon!

Just wanted to get my last batch of them tomorrow when I go there to finish up the landscaping.


I might be inviting 1 more very famous Mistress. She's from Florida. She's a redhead. I will know more depending on the payment from the final slaves. 2 slaves sadly on the list are not coming, so I am still accepting applications.

If you didn't rent a car yet, it doesn't seem like an SUV is necessary. We had a very dry rainy season and the roads seem to have been re-graveled are in great shape, smoothest I've seen in years actually!

Many slaves at this 1 month stage get cold feet and this is the usual point where people drop out, hence 2 people doing so in the past 10 days. Please know that while it's scary in theory, it's perfectly comfortable once we begin. Within 20 minutes, you feel half as scared and within an hour you are much more at ease. The worst thing that you can do is regret not coming. You CAN DO THIS. We are all just people, all nervous, and all just trying to come together to do something that we dream about. We are honestly, all in the same boat here. Do you think the women aren't nervous? Many have never done anything quite so epic before. Please let me know if you are getting cold feet, as I really REALLY think that I can help you. You are NOT the 1 terrified guy here. All men here and women too feel your pain and sympathize. Its so much fun, and so cool, you will forget you were even afraid. We laugh. We sing. It's not all scary stuff.

-Mistress Michelle

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