Protection Plan

All slaves upon being accepted to OOI have 1 week from their deposit due date to submit an optional $200 payment towards a protection plan.

All slaves have the option of submitting an optional $200 payment towards a protection plan when paying their balance.

The protection plan allows you to cancel and use your payment towards a future event regardless of the reason. Scared to death? You're covered. Coming down with the flu? You're covered.

This is in the FAQ and also on the application. If you choose to not do this at the times stated, you cannot buy it later.

Please remember that due to the limited space, time sensitive nature and costs involved including me hiring Mistresses to fly in from across the Country, there are no refunds and you cannot use your payment for a future event as I have already factored in your attendance and booked/paid women accordingly.

Only in some extreme cases (see FAQ) can you use your payment towards a future event.

Questions? Ask me anytime.

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