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Birthday Of Goddess Brianna

Indomitus weekend is falling on the birthday of Goddess Brianna. We will be celebrating by having a birthday cake for her there. Just wanted to give the slaves a heads up in case someone is a big fan of hers and would like to present her with a gift. It's not required or necessary. I might have a little game where we sing happy birthday and each slave approaches Goddess Brianna and tells her Happy Birthday and gives her 1 thing she could use them for this weekend. For example: "Happy Birthday Goddess Brianna. Slave OOI-023 would like to offer his ass for Goddess to cane if she is in the mood to be sadistic." Or "Happy Birthday Goddess Brianna. Slave OOI-042 would like to offer his mouth as a spittoon for Goddess." Whatever the slave thinks will be useful and fun for her.

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