The 10 Attending Mistresses

We have ten attending Mistresses for Indomitus. We have never before had so many because I never before allowed it due to safety concerns and space. This time I allowed it since 8/10 are very experienced women and 3 of the women are staying in an air bnb right down the road and because I know all 10 Mistresses.

Let's discuss the Mistresses attending:

Mistress Michelle Lacy: I enjoy slaves who love suffering for my pleasure. This could be receiving pain or simply being uncomfortable or even degraded. I like spitting at a slave. While I never smoke, I do sometimes at the event and I like a human ashtray. I love a slave who is into feet but that's not necessary. I wear leather often so an ethical vegan slave will not like serving me. While it's not exactly a goal of mine or anything since I do so much heavy bondage in my regular sessions and have an outlet for that several times a week, I often will grab the heavy bondage slaves if no Mistress is attending who is into that, and end up putting them in very heavy bondage and gift them back to the Mistress who purchased them at the slave auction. I typically do not go for the cross-dresser or sissy at the event because I have the least amount of time to give of myself due to running the event and I know other women would be able to spend more time dolling them up appropriately. I am not opposed at all. I end up buying two slaves sometimes and doing something creative playing with both simultaneously several feet away from one another in a creative symphony of rope and whips.

Ms. Lydia Supremacy: Ms. Lydia loves to have fun and is the life of the party. While Lydia can be very cruel when the mood strikes her, she also can have the entire event full of people laughing. She loves sissies and men who enjoy lots of humiliation and degradation and often seeks to buy them. She also sometimes goes after the strap-on sluts. She does love a good masochist but it's not mandatory for her slave to be one. Lydia loves to push the envelope with how much someone is going to take, which makes her a great Mistress one appreciates for pushing them. Ms Lydia never pisses in a porcelain toilet.

Princess Isobel Devi: Often mistaken for a very young lady due to her adorable styling, Ms Isobel is actually in her thirties and an accomplished Mistress with many skills. Her very youthful appearance will fool you and suddenly you will be trapped in her web of rope and she will have your bits tied up in all sorts of skillful predicaments before you even knew what happened. Princess Isobel can be sensual and mean when she wants to be. She is very creative and often drawing on her slaves with washable markers or lipsticks and gets into humiliation and slut training.

Goddess Brianna: Goddess Brianna loves a good foot slave as she is after all, famous for owning and has some very famous feet. She loves a human ashtray but its not necessary. She enjoys slaves who can have marks and are into being beaten for her pleasure. She is strict and will keep her slaves in line always.

Daddy An Li: An Li is a young but very experienced Mistress who just reached our 5 years of full-time pro domination mark in order to attend our event as a Priestess, a dream of hers. An Li is a lover of leather and she is very great at putting slaves into bondage predicaments and tormenting them. She can be a tease or their worst nightmare if she wants to be. She is also great at corporal punishment. She has a great spirit and wonderful personality, just great energy which makes her a very popular dominatrix. An Li is also not a fan of using a porcelain toilet.

Lady Electra: Lady Electra is a gorgeous tall commanding Mistress and (fetish model as well) who will make men instantly fall to their knees. She can be very strict and severe when she wants to be. Slaves serving her must NEVER disobey her on purpose or they will be sleeping in the dirt. She loves a human ashtray and a human toilet if the slave would be so lucky. Lady Electra is the most strict of the Mistresses in attendance and requires true total submission. If you are newer to female domination and Lady Electra buys you at the auction, she probably has plans for teaching you and you should consider yourself very lucky. Lady Electra is a special guest Mistress who is attending with her slave who will be auctioned and is slut712.

Lady Elizabeth: Lady Elizabeth is a former Priestess and now attending for fun as a guest Mistress. Due to her health, she will be going to sleep at the Air Bnb so she can get proper rest at night. Lady Elizabeth loves bondage and predicaments that are fun to put her submissive in. She does not enjoy bodily fluid play of any kind. She is a lot of fun, very intelligent, and her slaves are always smiling and having fun with her.

Michelle of the North: Michelle of the North (she is from Canada) has been to several events. She dominates her slave husband and loves the femdom energy that Indomitus has and her husband gets to hear about her adventures when she returns home. She has a warm personality and will be helping other women in their scenes because she loves learning and is very into female dominated worlds. She loves latex and has a high heel collection that is to die for. If you are lucky, you might be able to kiss her heel. She assisted with many scenes in past events including a sploshing scene and a strap-on scene.

Mistress Isadora: Mistress Isadora is a Guest Mistress who has been around for a while as a working dominatrix in Philly but always feels that learning never stops and that Indomitus would be a fabulous place to learn more. She is attending as a guest Mistress and would be able to do a fair amount of scenes on her own. She recently purchased some leather bondage gear and is using her skills of sensation play with her new gear to drive men wild. She hopes to join in on some scenes and have some fun.

Mistress Holly Go-Lightly: Mistress Holly is a brand-new dominatrix who attended some domination classes of mine and others and wants to learn more. Holly will be assisting with scenes and learning from other Mistresses. She is excited to see some really advanced play at Indomitus and have something to aspire to for the future.

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