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Hello slaves. I have some exciting news for all of you! As of noon today, I am under contract to purchase the Club Dom estate. I do not want to get all of your hopes up (or my own) but it looks really good to go to closing on the 30th of Sept, if not sooner. If this happens, the event 100% will be at the Club Dom estate! And I will be the new owner of the estate, like I was going to be 4 months ago before a lot of unfortunate things out of my control came into play. This will give me the ability to have these events for several more years, along with the other events and workshops that I had planned there. However, until closing, I cannot say that this is definite. I am more so trying to keep you all up to date with the situation and be an open and honest Mistress and business woman.

The other good news is that a back-up location has been booked and secured, which is located 15-20 minutes closer to all airports. The backup location gives us $4,000 sq ft of indoor space to live and play in all weekend long, along with a couple of completely fenced-in/tree-lined acres of privacy outdoors to have the outdoor fun that everyone is looking forward to. It will cost me a small fortune, but I care very much about the reputation of my event and sticking to my word. Plus, it's a passion of mine to be able to do this!!

You all will know which location we will have before the 30th and then if it's the backup, I can give you more information and exciting news about that. It's a very nice place!

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