Indomitus Update

No hurricane for Florida! Wonderful news!

I have narrowed down my locations for the event to 3. I am going to be touring one of them soon (the most "Indomitus" of the three) and deciding definitely. I am going to be bringing two slaves with me for this tour to get different perspectives. I also searched for any new places that were recently listed (just in case) and I found a few amazing spots for smaller femdom events that had my head buzzing with amazing ideas. I did find a really good location for Indomitus that was just listed but it would have been a very far drive for everyone to Vero Beach and it's too late in the game for us to do that now. I will have to save it for a future event where people could plan differently.

Once I decide a location, I will be altering the structure of the event to suit our location. What will change and what will stay the same? Slavery protocol and slavery positions are always important and mandatory. This will not change. Neither will slavery auctions, you being of service, given jobs, used and tormented by us for our pleasure. Our surroundings will effect things such as outdoor games (outdoor privacy is rare in south florida) and possibly things like the inclusion of pony carts. Its a little too early to tell. That doesn't mean there will not be games. However, we may be able to be outdoors for games depending on which place is the best.

For future Indomitus events (2020) for now, until I can purchase a permanent home, I have really great "Indomitus" style locations (indoor/outdoor) that since I will be booking far in advance, they will be available.

A final slave is joining and I will be posting slave numbers tomorrow and jobs. Very exciting stuff!

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