Indomitus Update

Before I go back to preparing for the very intense hurricane Dorian that is about to hit my area, I wanted to pop in here and give a few updates.

I will not be purchasing the Club Dom home. It is under contract with someone else. I unfortunately could not buy the house out-right like this buyer could. Too many unfair things out of my control went on and while I am sad, I am exhausted from the back and forth of a dangling carrot and SO ready to put my creativity and mind elsewhere.

Future events will be held at other locations and it is a possibility that I will be purchasing a place for future events to call home in a year or two. Events such as sissy weekend and Eden will all still go on as well.

I will be deciding on a back-up location soon and will update you all on that very soon. I didn't do that yet because there was a possibility that I was going to get the home still. After this Hurricane, I will be touring one particular property. Like I said in previous postings, no matter what, we are having an event. A femdom event. Even if a few details have to be altered.

Slave numbers/jobs will be given after this Hurricane madness is over. Wish me luck slaves! I am very excited for Nov still and I hope all of you are too.

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