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October 19, 2019

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October 19, 2019

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August 22, 2015

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August 15, 2019

My dearest slaves of Indomitus, 


You have all probably wondered why I haven't posted in a while. I have been dealing with a lot of very important behind the scenes situations pertaining to this event. I want you all to know, that I have been successfully running femdom events for the past 7 years and Indomitus in particular since 2015. Some of you have been to a multitude of my events and know that no matter what goes on, it always works out in a great way.  Crazy situations and issues arise on a constant basis and it is due to the brain-storming of myself and my fellow Mistresses, we always find solutions if we already do not have solutions to those potential problems and are 3 steps ahead. 

I have been waiting and waiting and trying my best to get to the bottom of a particular situation so I can choose the best solution for it, solutions which I already have in place, should this particular situation ever happen. That situation, is the location for this year's event possibly no longer being available to us. Now do not panic, but instead please read on slowly and carefully. (Don't worry, we still have an event happening). 

Yes, as some of you know, I was in the process of purchasing the property early this summer. Unfortunately, many issues arose with that, which were way out of my control. Sometimes I wish instead of having a fundraiser for a Mistress who's dog needs dental surgery, we could have a fundraiser for a Mistress to secure an estate for the future of female domination. I was given the opportunity to purchase the property but with almost no time at all to make that happen, no head's up, etc. Despite having the funds, (which I do) there's just so many other things that need to happen and I honestly had no time to make those things happen in that tiny window. I tried as hard as I could but we make a lot of sacrifices when we choose professional domination and one of those results is going through 100x more red tape to get anything done than you do and often facing stigma and rejection. I need a longer window of time than the average person to do anything on paper, "to dot I's and cross T's," despite my 762 credit score and large down payment. 

I am offering a final solution in order to secure the property and if this is not going to happen, the property will no longer be available for use, for anyone (unless one of you wants to buy it for me! Kidding).  Am I sad? Yes, that is an understatement. However, I am a problem solver, and I had already saved properties in case of an emergency happening (they sell the house, natural disaster floods property, major repair). 

I have over 53 back-up locations for my event which are located in South Florida. Yes, 53. A few are not available on that exact weekend. A few ARE available. Some are down in Miami and some are North near Loxahatchee. I purposely saved properties within a 3 hour span so no one has to cancel flights and commute to another state for this. 

I will know more within the next 7 days. Here are the possible outcomes to this situation. 

-1. I end up buying the property, we go on as planned all along. 

-2. We have the event at a home which has private acres of land for outside play and have a very similar event (with more bedrooms for the ladies). 

-3. We have an event at a gorgeous Mansion, which may be on the beach or on the water and it will be similar to Eden, and we will have games but they will differ from the traditional Indomitus games except for the scavenger hunt. (It will not be at the former Eden mansion or new Eden Mansion) . Unlike Eden, I am seeking to construct a very wicked dungeon room inside the manor for strict situations.


I will keep you all posted in here in the next 7 to 10 days of what the outcome will be. If I do not get the house, and any of you no longer wish to attend, because perhaps you were looking forward to seeing the ClubDom estate, you will be given a full refund. 


Now I am sure some of you might be wondering what will become of Indomitus if I do not have access to this property any longer and it is sold to some vanilla idiot ? Indomitus was going on before I had access to the Clubdom house. That was just what made it blow up as big as it did. Indomitus will thrive and find a new home. I mean, ClubDom.com existed before this house came to be, it started in Rhode Island, it was filmed in the woods, at a warehouse, at remote cabins, etc. I am seeking to purchase a remote home that works best for this event and if possible, perhaps instead, buy land and build it. While Clubdom was great as it was already out in the middle of nowhere, it wasn't quite perfect. For example, I cannot use the Clubdom estate for half of the summer and the beginning of the Fall because most of the acres out back flood during the rainy season. So for 5 months, no pony carts, no extensive outdoor play with slaves. The house and pool are small for the now very popular events that I put on and in the future, had I purchased the home (if I still do) I would have shut down to expand the property and enlarge the home. It only had 2 bathrooms, and I would have added 1.5 more in the extension in the future along with 2 more bedrooms and a large den. I would love to buy land and custom build with everything a female domination estate would need. I would rent the estate when not in use for vacationers, small weddings, and simply hide the kink stuff and lock up the dungeon when not in use. Until that happened, I would simply rent suitable locations.


Should we have to switch locations, I want each one of you to email me and let me know the following info:

-Are you still in, despite us switching locations?

-Is your flight booked and if so, to which airport? It's ok if it's not, I just want to see where people are flying in to. 

-Are your dates flexible? Could you do the following weekend or weekdays? (Trying my hardest to keep the dates the same, that's the goal but if the most perfect property is available on another day and everyone is ok with coming the following weekend when that is available, I will change it. If its not for many people, I won't do that. 


If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email me indomitusevents@gmail.com 







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