Special Guest Mistresses and Mistress Count

We have a lot of Mistresses attending this upcoming event, a record breaking number. Before we could never fit so many but this year I decided to find a local Air BnB to put additional guest Mistresses and this is going to be a thing from now on.

Guest Mistresses are not allowed to purchase slaves at the auction and are only allowed to play with slaves under certain circumstances. The only exception to this are women who have attended events prior as a Priestess and are returning as a guest, or have attended Eden as an experienced Mistress. This is for your own safety and overall, you having a good experience.

No one who has under 5 years of full time pro domination experience can go off on their own with a slave under any circumstance unless she is having him do a chore or rub her feet. No BDSM play can ever happen unsupervised by an experienced Mistress or Priestess. Inexperienced guest Mistresses are going to be playing with slaves or watching, alongside the Priestess or experienced guest Mistress who purchases you.

You will be purchased by a Priestess or experienced guest Mistress at the slave auction. These are the women who could potentially purchase you each day at the auction:

Mistress Michelle Lacy

Ms. Lydia Supremacy

Princess Isobel Devi

Goddess Brianna

Mistress An Li

Lady Elizabeth (Guest Mistress of Honor, Priestess of Indomitus)

Lady Electra (Guest Mistress of Honor, Lady of Eden SlavetoEden.com)

The Mistresses who will not be purchasing you, but can assist other ladies in play or can borrow you under certain instances are:

Mistress Michelle of Canada (Guest Mistress of Honor)

Mistress Isadora of Philadelphia (Guest Mistress of Honor)

Mistress Holly of Indiana (Guest Mistress of Honor, Apprentice)

We might have an 11th Mistress attending, an experienced legendary Professional dominatrix.

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