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Welcome to Indomitus 2019

Welcome to the November 2019 Order Of Indomitus event. I have approved your logins and you should all be inside this login now. We are WAY ahead of the game, as I usually do not start advertising the Nov event until about right now, and the login isn't usually available until much later. I hope you enjoy reading through the previous posts. Some have been deleted because they had to do with planning for previous events and they will only confuse you because we do things differently now. Others I left there for you all to curiously read through. Do scroll back and browse, as there are quite a few pages.

There will be an upcoming post on your slave numbers. If you have been here before and are returning, you have earned your number as you know and are always honored as your number when you return. New slaves, these numbers are going to be the numbers that you work towards earning all weekend, much like a slave must earn to be collared by his owner. We are your owners for this weekend, and you will be working towards pleasing us and earning to be honored by us for a job well done by becoming our official numbered slave.

Your slave number will eventually have your job attached to it. Your job is assigned to you based off of skills you might have, and also keeping in mind any limitations that you might have or health concerns.

This will be a very different OOI and a very special OOI event, a true celebration, as I am now full owner of the Clubdom estate. The estate is going to be transformed into a 24/7 femdom retreat destination, a smaller OWK in a sense. This means that if you wish to come here in the future with a Mistress and rent the facility to have it for yourselves, this is an option. This also means that the estate is going to get some added wild furniture and decor.

Just a few things I need to touch base on below:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, however please keep in mind that if it's a Saturday or Sunday I may not respond as I do deserve a weekend off just like all of you. Many subs forget this and assume we are at our computers 24/7 or in our dungeons 24/7 and don't understand why we might not answer and some have the audacity to get a bit rude about it. This kind of fantasy treatment is not only inaccurate, but actually disrespectful and despised by Mistresses as we not only deserve to be treated like human beings with having possible weekends off JUST LIKE YOU but we should be treated even BETTER still. I have received two emails that I found very rude from two of you who were upset that I did not respond to an email sent over this weekend, despite getting back to you both right away on MONDAY. I have never been treated that way by attending OOI slaves before, and I have a 0 tolerance policy for impatient people who live in their fantasy worlds and treat Mistresses as such. I turn down sessions left and right for such treatment and I have turned down event slaves as well. I am letting it go as one was a partial lost email situation and apologized and the other person apologized profusely and sent a gift for OOI. Please remember that emails can and do go to spam. Check there first. If you sense something is amiss, just ask and be patient. Also keep in mind Mistresses are HUMANS. Weekends we might be with family.

I check my emails several times a week and make sure everyone is responded to on a regular basis. I try so hard to run a professional event, I work so incredibly hard creating this world for you that you can all escape to, but I am a Mistress at the end of the day and I deserve respect, not impatient toddlers.

Do enjoy the login as it will be filled up with some cool stuff once a week. I suggest checking here once a week. You may also check out our ONLY FANS page if you are dying to see a TON of stuff from over the years.

Please do not ask how many slaves are signed up. That info is going to be painfully obvious as it is listed in here with slave numbers and jobs. I am not psychic and I do not know how many slaves are going to be signing up for Nov, at any given time. The amount of people signed up today, the amount of people signed up in Sept, in Oct, etc DO NOT REFLECT the amount of people coming in Nov. Sometimes we get 2 people in the last 30 days before the event. There is NO WAY TO KNOW.

Lastly, I am so happy that many of you asked if you could assist with OOI renovations from afar through gifts that is very sweet and touching. Your support is wonderful and I thank you.

Welcome and best of luck.

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