Special Guest Mistresses

My excited slaves,

We have reached 10 of you so far. We only have 2 spaces left before the event is completely full (and yes, we will have another Mistress, as we have some back-up women who are dying to attend). This is really incredible because the house will feel nice and full, the estate itself will be very exciting to be a part of, similar to an OWK experience. Tasks will be finished much faster and we will be able to move onto other things so much easier.

We may be having 1 or 2 special guest Mistresses attend the event for a portion of the event. I cannot tell you who they will be, as I want it to be a surprise. I am actually asking 4 to attend, but I do not think all 4 will be able to stop by.

Our raffle winner has been chosen and another slave is attending as well. Congratulations to you.

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