Cage/sleeping/clothing questions

Hello slaves! Indomitus is almost here and I am so excited. This is the biggest event yet, double the size and the maximum size I would probably ever have it at unless we had a larger estate with more bedrooms to cater to more Mistresses (dreams).

The key to this running smoothly is a lot of preparation before the event. I like to have everything in order and put my slaves to work assisting me in setting up, running errands and overall preparing.

I have some questions that require answering from you all and some bits of info to say.

First question: Does anyone have an issue sleeping in a cage? Is anyone claustrophobic or has any issues at all with this? (Number 02 cannot sleep in a cage, so this is why I ask). Instead, you simply sleep on the floor on your mat. Getting in the cage requires you to go down onto the floor and crawl in and out, difficult for someone with horrible knees who cannot bend at all. We do require that all slaves sleep in cages but make exceptions for someone with a serious issue. Let us know.

Second question: Is anyone shorter than 5'10" and/OR under 185 lbs? Let me know.

A things to know:

-If you snore, you MUST bring breathe-right strips with you. Start wearing them a few days prior so you get used to the feeling of them. They do make a difference in a lot of people.

-You can bring ear plugs. We need you to be well-rested to serve us properly.

-At one part of the event we have you wear a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants with drawstring closure for a short time during a very mild activity (an hour, where a tiny bit of walking is involved). We provide them. All our sizes are XL-2XL. If you are larger than a 2X or more of a size small-medium, or if you just prefer to bring your own for any reason at all, let me know. Ours are worn by the slaves and laundered for the next time and sit in a drawer for 3-4 months in between.

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