Hello slaves. As stated, the deposits of $1,300 are due within 2 weeks of getting your acceptance email. Anyone who does not pay their deposit within 2 weeks of being accepted will be booted from this login. If you need to pay in installments, just as me. I have done this with slaves in the past. Speak up! We will work with you. Failure to communicate will have you booted from the login after your 2 week deadline. You will not be banned from the event! You'll only unable to login and proceed further with attending unless you contact me as a late atendee in which there is a late fee of $300. The login will have precious info as far as directions and address as things get closer. Only those who are attending and paid their deposits and balances will stay in the login to ensure only legitimate attending slaves have that information.


Your balance is due 3 weeks after being accepted. Again, if you need to pay in installments, say so. We will work with you. Your balance is $1,300.


Paying $100 extra for insurance will allow you to use your deposit AND/OR balance (whatever you paid for the event so far) for the very next event if you cannot attend due to an unforseen cirumstance.

Paying $200 insurance will allow you to use your deposit AND/OR balance (whatever you paid for the event so far) for ANY future event, for as long as we have them if you cannot attend due to an unforseen circumstance.

Not paying insurance means if you cannot make it, you will lose your deposit and balance as there are no refunds for not attending (as stated in the FAQ). We put a lot of time and effort in flying these lovely Mistresses in from across the Country as well as purchasing wonderful new toys and equipment for each event based on the amount of guys attending. Backing out of the event greatly messes us up as we have already budgeted for the potential applicants who were accepted and have deposited.

Remember, you can pay directly through the site in STEP 2 under the application via a credit card, or you can pay "paper-trail-free" by purchasing a paypal cash card (preferred!) or a vanilla visa and sending me the info on the cards. Remember those pre-paid cards only go up to $500 each.

If you need to chat with anyone who has previously attended any of the events as a slave so you can ask any questions from the slave's POV, contact any of the men listed as :"owned by" on our page:

The attending slaves are a mix of people from all walks of life, with all levels of experience from brand new to seasoned slave veterans. All were able to do just fine and had the time of their lives.

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