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Welcome new slaves! What's new at the Order of Indomitus?

Welcome new slaves for April 2016. All of the Mistresses here are so excited to meet all of you. We have some exciting new things planned for this next event. With every event we do, we learn and grow and improve and we are hoping to make April the biggest and best event yet!

All of the Priestesses would like to thank the previous slaves for their service and suffering. We were so lucky to have such well behaved submissive gentlemen, although we did have to punish some of you!

Some changes and things to look forward to for April 2016:

All of the slaves will be given their jobs in advance, posted here in the login based off of their abilities. So you will know in advance what task you will be doing to help you prepare if you need to prepare in advance.

In the past, games were played which won the slaves points. They would compete for a free trip back. Some of the games were very physical, others were not so physical. We plan on changing the games and the way points are earned to make this system a bit more fair for those who have pre-existing physical limitations.

Points will be given based on good service. You will earn a "Goddess tag" as a reward for good service, each Priestess has 5 to give out during the weekend. Whichever slave has the most tags at the end of the weekend, wins a free trip. The second place wins a 50% off a trip back and third place wins $200 off a trip back.

Games will still take place! Rewards for winning games will be fun privileges such as sleeping at the foot of a Mistress's bed or being the attentative personal slave to one Mistress for the rest of the evening. If there is a game that is very physical and a slave has some sort of pre-existing injury or limitation, he can ask permission to opt out and not have it effect his points.

Changes to games:

The slave scavenger hunt: This is tied with the slave hunt as a favorite game at the event. The women are given a slave at random to be their champion and each champion has to go into the grounds and find the hidden treasures. Slaves who find the most treasures for their Goddess wins and the losers are punished. This will be more difficult and longer! Slaves do not need to be very athletic to play this game, they just need to have a good eye.

Pony Cart Races: If the slaves are very competetive, this can be a tough game. That is why it is no longer being used to win Goddess tags, but to win a prize instead. Slaves tend to get very into this game and tire themselves out easily.

Slave Hunt: We do a slave hunt, inspired by the OWK slave hunt. We use anything from eggs to painballs thrown with a sling-shot. What we use depends on the slaves limitations with being marked up. Slaves who cannot leave with any bruises whatsover due to a their personal life may be hit with eggs or entirely sit out and serve in another way.

Memory Game: This game does in fact enable the slave to win Goddess tags. It is a game we feel is very important. You are all tested on how well you learn how to serve the Mistresses, so it's best to pay attention. Being a good slave means you will be paying attention and taking direction of how the women want to be served.


Massage cabana, massage tables and foot spas.

We are going to start incorporating a 2 hour Mistress pamper time into the event. It will give the slaves a chance to serve more personally and give the Mistresses time to relax. The massage cabana will be out in the grounds and the Mistresses will be taken there and back via pony carts. In the tent will be flowers, soft music and aromatherapy. Slaves will wear ankle shackles and give massages to the women.

(not actual photo but will be pretty much looking like this).

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