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August 22, 2015

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Welcome New Slaves, some FAQs

December 8, 2015

Hello and welcome new slaves. Myself and the other Priestesses are very excited to have you at our Order. I am sure you all excited and scared! 


Here is some information for all of you. 


The first thing I need to state is the importance of checking this login at LEAST once a week! Important information from THE ORDER is posted inside of here. Also feel free to read the past posts, they are also very informative. 


Q: Where is the Event Address?


A: The login is fiilled with dozens of accepted slaves. Only 5-8 of those several dozen will actually give their deposits and attend. The Sunday before the event starts, the slaves who are NOT attending will be booted from the slave login and the address will be posted. We do not need several dozen people having the address, as we like to keep our event as discreet as possible. As stated in the slave FAQ which was REQUIRED reading material before you applied, we are a little over 30 minutes from PBI airport. 


Q: How many Priestesses or women in general will attend?


A: If we have more than a certain number of slaves, we will be choosing an additional Priestess. We also sometimes have visiting women pop in for certain games, dinners or events. 


Q: How can we slaves all make sure as many women attend as possible?


A: If all of you pay your deposits, if not, your entire balance as soon as possible, We will have a better idea of how many slaves are attending much sooner. The sooner we know this, the more time we have to make sure these women can fly out with low-priced airfaire to attend. We wanrt as many Dominnant woman as possible to attend and need to have a good balance of Mistresses and slaves. By paying early, you help make that happen. 


Q: What if I decide to pay very late?


A: If you pay your balance past the due date you are charged a $300 late fee. PAY ON TIME. 


Q: I'm having trouble paying


A: You can pay  in small weekly installments. As long as they are continuously coming in, I will work with you. Let me know. I worked with 2 slaves last time and it worked out great. 



Q: I'm completely confused at how to pay


A: You have several choices for payment options. They are listed in order of the most PREFERRED OPTION to the LEAST PREFERRED OPTION:




2-Vanilla Visa Giftcards (you buy them in most stores with cash).


3-Buy raffle tickets on the application payment/raffle ticket purchase site page which equals the amount you owe. 22 raffle tickets = $1,100 deposit. 44 raffle tickets equals $2,200. This method allows you to pay with a credit card, so you can pay off the event when you pay off your credit card. 



Q: When do I get my slavery number?


A: They are given out about a month prior to the event or so once most people have deposited. 


That's all for now slaves. I will be writing more soon! 








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